Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’s Job System Makes A Great Battle System Better

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age's 12 classes give people more opportunity to customize their parties and enjoy the game's depths.

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PhoenixUp309d ago

"It did so many things right, in terms of the battle system, story, characters, and leveling system, but never really seemed to reach the heights of games like Final Fantasy VII, IX, or X."

FFXII outsold FFIX and rated just as high as the other games by critics.

rdgneoz3308d ago

"rated just as high as the other games by critics."

Summons75308d ago

Because critics are suddenly right 100% of the time? How many times have they rated a fantastic game poorly? How many times have they rated shitty games like Call of Duty highly? Yeah, that argument doesn't cut it either.

PhoenixUp308d ago

Did you conveniently miss how I said FFXII rated just as high as those games? A 92 on Metacritic isn't something you can simply gloss over

_-EDMIX-_305d ago

Yet he had no problem going on and on about Zelda's Metacritic.

Suddenly sales don't equal quality but Metacritic doesn't equal quality , this man literally cannot find a narrative to drive with.

It applies to breath of the wild but mysteriously it now doesn't apply to every other game. 😂😂😂

I could almost assure you he's upset simply because this is not coming to the Switch.

Summons75308d ago

Terrible battle system but it is better now