Was Spider-Man downgraded? 2016 vs 2017 Graphics Comparison

Recently one of the fans asked Insomniac Games directly on Twitter about possible Spider-Man downgrade, that he believe to spot. Devs strongly denied that.
Now as we could already see two gameplay videos, first during E3 back in 2016 and second on this year’s expo let’s check by ourselves if we can notice something that will prove the alleged worsening of graphics.
One of the most noticable things is addition of blur effect to the character movement and slightly changed Spidey’s suit – look closely on last still in this video.
Is that a downgrade for you?

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zivtheawesome223d ago

i think you meant "Was Spider-Man upgraded?"

Eonjay222d ago

I assume Gareth didn't rewrite this. It sounds too childish. It definitely looks upgraded plus there is the fact that this is the first true trailer we have. Downgraded from what?

The 10th Rider222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Yeah, exactly. I believe the first trailer wasn't even labeled as in-game, just in-engine.

EDIT: They said "in game/engine/real-time"

Aeery222d ago

Not at all.
This game looks incredible ... cant wait to try it!

getbacktogaming222d ago

It just looks like a different lighting/time of day with a more punchy 'golden hour' look to the 2016 footage. They both look great although I like the yellowwish colours better for a more dramatic look I can't see why it wouldn't be available in the final game...

XanderZane222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Well at exactly 36 seconds you can easily see the difference in Spiderman's mask and the texture. Whether you want to call it a downgrade or upgrade is entirely up to you. There is no doubt, there has been some changes.

The game still looks impressive, no matter which video you watch. Whatever they did, I don't think it
ll hurt the visuals or gameplay much.

Whatever234222d ago

No it won't because they both look great .But common its pretty obvious 2016 was fake.

XanderZane221d ago

What part of "The game still looks impressive" & "Whatever they did, I don't think it will hurt the visuals or gameplay" did you not read in my comments?

OB1Biker223d ago

First its the usual unfair comparison with completely different scenes, different places, time etc.
second I thought people were saying last year that they didnt show any gameplay at all? The usual goal post moving to suit different argumentation?

Septic223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Huh? That was gameplay shown last year surely? If not, it's remained pretty faithful to it.

Looks like a slight downgrade in some tiny areas but ultimately still looks fantastic.

OB1Biker223d ago

a lot of people were saying last year wasnt real gameplay.
The main difference I see is Spidey suit that looks more latex like rather than microfiber like. Its not necessarily worse. Other areas are like I said from different places and not really fair to compare.

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Liqu1d223d ago

No. But keep up the awful comparisons.

moegooner88222d ago

Same site that used low quality Horizon ZD footage to pass it off as downgrade. Awful is an understatement.

andrewsquall222d ago

The comparisons are fine. Cycu1 does a great job at looking at older builds of games and comparing them to the newest of final versions, even game from last gen too.
Its the blind people with terrible eyesight and their fake "concerns" that are awful.

KionicWarlord222223d ago

The parts at 0:17-25 outside show two different lighting systems on the world.

Its either its downgraded or there are different areas that have better lighting conditions visually.

Unreal01222d ago

Nope. Take your Xbox goggles off and check again.

TKCMuzzer222d ago

Lol, same people, same blind comments...

meka2611222d ago

Nah he is right, it is a slight very slight downgrade. Look at the polygons on the shoulders of spiderman, the one on the right is just a tiny bit blockier, but game still looks amazing and still a day one buy for me.