The Year of Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy VII

TechRaptor: 'Am I going to survive this month? How could I be so short-sighted as to miss the giant ball of fan-generated death looming over my precious Year of Final Fantasy? Like a meteor hurtling toward this beloved Planet, Final Fantasy VII has come knocking on our doorstep this fine June afternoon. Without the proper love and care, it could very well destroy TechRaptor or even the entire Internet!
Or … maybe I’m being too melodramatic. Maybe the game is perfectly fine and I’m just overthinking things. But maybe it isn’t! However, there’s only one way to find out.'

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FallenAngel198499d ago

I bought the remake on PS4 in February just so I can finally play FFVII with analog stick. The cheats with no random encounters, unlimited health & limit breaks, and 3x speed were added bonuses that made the game even more enjoyable

Goldby99d ago

Ha those cheats definitely helped improve the grinding. Have you gotten all of Aerith's limit breaks?

FallenAngel198499d ago

Why grind when you can easily cheese through the game and get Trophies for it? 🤣 I'll try to get everything in the game

Goldby98d ago

the 3x speed is what i normally end up using. havent touched the health or limit break cheat. when you are grinding for them xp and ap. the 3times defnfitly helps alot for battles