Zoom Zoom: The Elements of a Great Racing Game

Whether you consider racing games to be part of the “sports” genre or a separate one, you can’t deny the impact that they have on the gaming industry. The racing game community is among the most passionate in gaming. The three major console manufacturers realize this, and each have a racing game in their first-party exclusive game lineup. Forza , Gran Turismo, and Mario Kart (Nintendo) have all demonstrated their power as bona-fide system sellers.

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JonnS151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Don't know if including Nintendo is wise and using Mario Kart is also wrong just cause it is not offering what those other two game are .

C-H-E-F151d ago

Wow, I should've read the tags "forza, forza, PC, Xbox" lOl

lOl so we leave out,

Streeet Racing Syndicate
All of the Need For Speed games
The Dirt Games
The Grid Games
Midnight Club Games

And just post an article 80% boasting about Forza? and this is supposed to be an article about the "Elements of a great racing game".... Yet you only talk about 2.1 games (Project Cars .1%) and throw in Mario Kart just to add Nintendo in to seem unbiased....?

JonnS151d ago

Think the point was more on how the platforms that have their very own racing game have impacted sales of the platform and game . As for the games u mentioned they are 3rd party games that were left out due to no real involvement with platforms mentioned .

C-H-E-F151d ago

Then why was Project Cars mentioned in the article?

JonnS151d ago

@C-H-E-F being used as a point of reference to certain similarities in each the platform makers games ........