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Xbox Is For The Players

Let’s hop in our magical time machine and head back to the Xbox One reveal 2013. It was a horrible moment in Xbox history to say the least. Announcing always online, some horrendous DRM policies & making TV a priority Xbox seemed to be completely disconnected from what gamers wanted.

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Community36d ago
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The_Infected36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

“Xbox Is For The Players”

PS4 continues to pump out amazing games and exclusives. Can’t say the same for Xbox. Therefore PlayStation is for the players.

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Woolly_36d ago

this is about why Xbox is for the players. Damn. lol

The_Infected36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

“this is about why Xbox is for the players.”

Gamers chose PS4 over Xbox so it’s obviously not for the players. Lol

Woolly_36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

the article is talking about how the Xbox One has improved since launch, and how it is now for the players.
giving gamers what they want... from BC to X...

It's not saying the PS4 can't be for the players too.. ^_^. smh.

Septic36d ago

"It's not saying the PS4 can't be for the players too.. ^_^. smh."


Tbh it's VERY clear that the massive difference in power causes others unease to the point where third party games aren't even regarded as games by some but the point remains; Xbox has improved in a lot of areas and the One X is another example staring at the face of all those that said Xbox would be no more.

Can't wait for the beast 😁

andrewsquall36d ago

@Woolly_ Partial BC with that one game you are probably still waiting for. Why do yous always seem to leave the "partial" part out when talking about Xbone BC as if it is PS2 levels of BC???

uptownsoul36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@Woolly_ - "the article is talking about how the Xbox One has improved since launch, and how it is now for the players.
giving gamers what they want... from BC to X..."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't players want NEW games more than BC or X? And while Microsoft started out dropping games in the 1st few years, 2016 & 2017 hasn't shown Microsoft doing much on the front.

Death36d ago


Your insecurity is showing again.

segamaniaco36d ago

Do gamers want a 500$ current-gen (8th gen) console in 2017/2018?

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DarXyde36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You can't really deny that Microsoft has changed how they did things at Xbox substantially since the 2013. They've made a lot of great moves. I think they did a lot of things right in the past four years. That said, I haven't bought any Xbox One games in quite some time. I was really looking forward to Quantum Break and REALLY looking forward to Scalebound. One of them was cancelled while the other didn't really click with me.

I don't think the Xbox One holds a candle to PlayStation 4-- not even a little -- but credit where it's due: Microsoft has gotten better. I feel that they certainly need more software, by that's really my only complaint.

bluefox75536d ago

Agreed. They did a lot of good things, but IMO, they did the wrong good things. It's like if you have a car, and the engine is starting go bad. But instead of fixing the engine, you decide to get a new paint job, update the suspension, and give it a tune up. Everything you did was good, but you ignored the real problem.

Elda36d ago

They haven't gotten better far as exclusive games are concerned,MS should have a plethora of first party studios pumping out mind blowing original exclusives first & foremost & then had the hardware ready to show the games off.It seems their actions are a$$ backwards.

rainslacker35d ago

I think they've been doing good on a lot of the features and value added aspects of the system, and they do have some quality games. But their apparent output of games since QB released has been extremely lackluster. I've seen better launches of whole consoles with more games than MS has for the entire year, and what they have coming isn't exactly all that compelling for 4 years into the generation. Aside from Forza, they're propping up games which are generally used as filler material in slower months as the central part of their release schedule.

BIGBOSS0835d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Where the hell are the games though? Those killer games that you buy a console for? Microsoft have none. That's why xbox one is selling so little. They ain't giving people Any reasons to buy one. Crackdown 3, sea of thieves and cup head ain't games that you buy a console for. They ain't must play games like last of us, spiderman, mario, zelda , god of war etc.. Microsoft with all their money have no huge big budget blockbuster games? Really? Just what the hell are they even doing over there? Stuffing all that cash up their asses?

madforaday35d ago

That complaint in my mind is the biggest one a console could have. How can a console be for the gamer when the main games they provide are BC? It's been 3 generations that MS has been in and we are still talking about Halo, Gears, and Forza. I don't see how they can be for the players when players want to play games. It is really that simple, but we have these articles who try and justify with what they are doing. If you came out with the Xbox one X and 2 new IP exclusives that took advantage of the new console. People will be talking about that system and games all over the place. All we talk about is the power this console could have. It is just silly what we talk about in this industry.

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AnxietyGamer7736d ago

LMFAO the butthurt is STRONG in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unreal0135d ago

Mature comment. Great input there buddy.

Fonso12836d ago

Lol Microsoft went to E3 2017 with only three 1st party games and none of them are even exclusive to the Xbone. Now Sony on the other hand they are for the gamers. They have so many 1st party games and exclusive games to look forward too. PS Life

ChetManly36d ago

E3, more than 20 exclusives. Shut up about no games. Just because the exclusives don't entice you doesn't mean others feel the same. The last of us, uncharted and spiderman don't entice mean but you don't hear me trolling that Sony doesn't have exclusives. Seriously, shut up.

AmUnRa35d ago

A lot of launch exclusive. indie games also
.But but the PS4 is the indiestation😉
Indie's are only filling up the lack of AAA excl. games, blablabla.

But now the shoe is on the other foot, and carma is a bitch😉

StuffAndThings36d ago

Users like you are why this site is in the shit hole state its in lol

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Nu36d ago

PlayStation is for the Gamers!!!

DJStotty35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Playstation is for the Playstation players. If it was for the "gamers" collectively then everyone would have one.

I dont have a playstation, i have an xbox one (day one launch edition) and have had no complaints about it whatsoever. I have a current backlog of 187 games. (no games lol) in those 187 i think about a third are "microsoft" exclusives or however categorising them makes PS4 fans feel better.

I also have a PC but it is not upto gaming standards of today

1Victor36d ago

It can't be denied that Xbox have changed for the better since 2013 but the 1X won't change the hard feelings and bad taste on smart Xbox gamers that left to PlayStation for those is too late as they already took roots on PS and by now have a big library of games and friends, power was never the problem with the xb1. Now the next gen is coming soon and IF Microsoft continues to listen to their community next gen they got a good chance to get the players that left back and I hope they do because like it or not Sony and Microsoft need each other to keep us happy

Iloveherliezz35d ago

Hey guys a positive Xbox article where the first comment summarized is "PlayStation...... Blah blah blah... Games blah blah... The best..." look it has the most likes too! Man what else is new on N4G?

shinrock35d ago

Just another day on the n4.

S2Killinit35d ago

Xbox is for people who want forza/halo/gears.

XanderZane35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

XBox is heading in the right direction. They are more for the player now they when they launched the XB1 in 2013. That's a fact. Sony wasn't always for the player either. When they launched the PS3, they were for the movie fanatics as they marketed the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player first instead of a game console. Every PS3 commercial that came was showing Blu-Ray movies playing on the PS3. After Blu-Ray beat out HD-DVD, then Sony started marketing the PS3 as a game console.

So over 30 million XB1 sold aren't for the players? lol!! Please sit down. They don't need to outsell the PS4 to be for the player. The PS3 and XBox 360 didn't last gen and they were still 'for the players'.

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Septic36d ago

Powerful hardware, great features and now diversity. Xbox is definitely for the players and doing better at it. It just needs to sort out games in the exclusives department but otherwise it's really turned things around.

Can't wait for the beastly One X !