Overwatch and the Metagame Dilemma

You don’t have to look very far to find somebody getting a little tired of the current metagame in Overwatch Season 5. The dive comp, as it’s called, has been dominating the top-tier of competitive play since the beginning of June, and its prevalence has only grown. While it started fresh and exciting, players are thirsty for the next meta to shake things up again. But there’s a bigger problem going on here, and it’s going to take more than clever players to fix it.

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iEchoic285d ago

I agree with pretty much all of Kaplan's post, and it's important to remember that gamers think about balance on really small timescales. There are many games out there that have had huge meta shifts many months or even years without balance changes. I don't necessarily think Overwatch should be one of those games, but especially early on, things will change fast. It hasn't been that long.

Kupa285d ago

Yeah, Kaplan and his crew are smart cookies. I just think they need to keep in mind that they could lose players whether they're right or wrong about the meta changing / not changing, and they should be aware of that.

285d ago
BiglyBoyGeorge285d ago

Might be an unpopular opinion, but I like the dive comp. Yeah, it's repetitive. But diving is way more exciting than triple tanking.

But either way, Doomfist is gonna totally change the meta anyways so this post was kind of for nothing :V

Kupa285d ago

I wouldn't say it's bad. I just think the game should support more strategies than one killer one.

I remember playing Magic as a kid and then trying to play with the internet around more recently. There's no natural discovery. You just find out the best possible decks and then execute those well. Sometimes that's how OW feels. Why try to do something new if somebody's already basically objectively proven something else is the most effective?

InTheZoneAC283d ago

Selective metas are terrible, just balance the damn game.