Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: Best Job For Every Character

This guide will help you choose the best character for each job in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. This will make the jobs a lot easier to complete.

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franwex217d ago

One can kinda guess what each character is best suited for.

slappy508217d ago

Hmm I had no idea Bushis damage is based on both strength and magic. Ive been leaving all tthose magic tiles alone on the job board for my knight/bushi Vaan. Ill need to invest in those!

il-JumperMT217d ago

Team 1 Monk [Vaan] + Archer [Basch] + Red Mage [Fran]
Team 2 Uhlan [Penelo] + Samurai [Ashe] + White Mage [Balthier]

Haurus216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Suprised 3 disagrees. From a functional standpoint, you are actually spot on. Based on characters base stats, how easily they are able to max out different stats and their attack animation speeds with different types of weapons, that is the optimal team. This team has been well known and agreed on since the original IZJS.

Optimal Espers:
Vaan - Monk - Ultima, Zodiark, Chaos
Basch - Archer - Shemhazai, Famfrit
Fran - Red Mage - Hashmal, Cuchulainn

Ashe - Samurai - Exodus, Zeromus
Penelo - Uhlan - Mateus, Zalera
Balthier - White Mage - Belias, Adrammelech

DragonKnight216d ago

The disagrees are because Balthier's M.Pow stat is garbage so he heals for less, and he's 4th for Vit which is necessary for buffs and debuffs. Balthier is a much better DPS character such as Shikari.

Fran is also a terrible Red Mage because she's generally the worst character stat wise. She's like Vaan, only below average instead of above average. She makes a better Machinist than a Red Mage since you don't have to worry about her below average stats to do damage.

Penelo as an Uhlan is also terrible because while her magic stat is the second highest, making her elemental attacks good, she has the lowest strength and hp of everyone. Since her M.Pow is second highest, and her Vit 3rd, she's much more suited to magic damage and status buffing/debuffing.

GameBoyColor217d ago

Went Bushi Vaan right away for no reason lmao

Gardenia216d ago

To make this clear; choosing which 2 jobs on 1 character is more important than what job a character gets. It can become really complex if you want the perfect stats for every character because some skills are locked behind Quickenings and Espers

I have the official guide and even they say it doesn't matter much which character gets what job as long as 2 jobs aren't too much alike. For example: don't give a character White Mage and Black Mage, or 2 strength, melee classes

DragonKnight216d ago

I disagree. Monk/Archer class are physical damage powerhouses with no reliance on magic whatsoever. They have similar augments with the Archer having access to more Technicks, and the Monk having more access to HP and Battle Lore augments but generally not very different. With a Monk/Archer build, you just build up physical damage to a stupidly high degree. If you start off as a Monk, unarmed damage will wreck everything. If you start out as an Archer, farming the Burning Bow will also guarantee some early wreckage.

Gardenia216d ago

There are more physical damage jobs than magick jobs in FFXII so that means some characters will have no choice but to have two physical jobs. But most likely you will need a tank and a damage dealer anyway. And if you pick random jobs for each characters you probably can finish the game and all side quests too

And about the Archer, you can get the Seitengrate much easier early on with a new trick for the Zodiac Age. No need for the Burning Bow

DragonKnight216d ago

I know about the Seitengrat. I didn't mention it because it's a weapon with no license requirement that everyone can equip and wreck the whole game with regardless of job.