PC vs. Console Gaming: Which Should You Choose?

PC and console gamers have been at each other's throats since the '80s, and the battle doesn't look like it'll end anytime soon. In one corner: fans of an expensive, multipurpose machine that allows unprecedented customization — if you've got time and expertise. In the other corner: advocates of a cheaper box with high-end exclusive games that does just one thing, and may not do it for all that many years. Choose wisely.

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crazychris4124315d ago

If you have the money get both. I have a solid gaming PC, PS4 Pro, 360, PS2 fat boy and a PSP.

ARESWARLORD315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Agreed both is where it's at. I have a more than decent gaming PC as well and I also have Sega Genesis Sega Dreamcast PS2 PS3 PS4 Xbox Xbox 360 and Xbox One PSP and PS Vita Nintendo DS and 3DS. It's all about the games

Have to throw an edit here I also have the Wii and the Wii U just that Nintendo's made such forgettable systems lately that I forgot about them totally

thekhurg315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

All you need is a PC, Switch and Playstation. Then you're set.

darthv72315d ago

Been a console gamer since Pong. I got into PC gaming in the early 90's when i built my first PC. I stuck with it through the 3dfx vs Nividia vs Ati days. I still have my 3dfx voodoo collection (one of every card they released except the v2, had to have two for SLI).

Upgrading throughout the years has declined for me and i use my PC for more audio and video stuff than games. Im just a console gamer at heart and always will.

I do still enjoy building PC though.

PCGamefan315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Yep, as stated above. If you can afford it, get the systems that have the games you enjoy. I am a fighting game fan and I have a gaming PC, a PS4 Pro, XB-1 S, Nintendo Switch, modded Wii and Neo Geo. Each getting plenty of play too.

Mbofa6om315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Mobile phone is the best place to play
Free games
Free updates and ads on
Free online
Useful hardware
No need to upgrade
Just update your device and enjoy
The most expensive mobile is 800usd while mid-performance graphic card costs 600usd

letsa_go314d ago

I was laughing when I saw the Wii U, but I thought about it...and I felt it had the most solid line-up of exclusives and first party titles since the SNES.

XisThatKid314d ago

nothing beats Steam sales

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_-EDMIX-_315d ago

Lol PS2 fat!

I have a very similar setup. Instead of a 360 I owned a Wii.

Deep-throat315d ago

PC if you really know what you're getting into. If you want a plug and play machine, then get a console.

MegamanXXX315d ago

What console do you have?

Deep-throat313d ago

ps1, two ps2s, ps3, ps4, xbox 360, wii, psvita.

had: famicom, sega genesis

Princess_Pilfer314d ago

Consoles aren't plug and play though. The constant firmware updates and manual game installs (which, might I add, take significantly longer than PCs) will leave you sitting there for hours unable to "plug and play."

Also, Valve and GOG both have clients that will auto download and auto install games, as well as automatically fix most of the reasons why a game would break (a missing or corrupted file.)

Yeah, there are still fewer things that are likely to go wrong on a console, but you have both underestimated how easy PCs are to use and overestimated the convinience of consoles.

phoenixwing314d ago

downplaying the headache of pc gaming when it comes to drivers and cards while saying it'll take "hours" for firmware update is a little oot. Plus all those updates are only mandatory if you want to use the online portions of your console. You can just as easily skip them. Although, I won't lie and say updates aren't helpful these days because of devs just deciding they can update something instead of making sure it runs day one.

LandoCalrissiano314d ago

I have never had to wait for an update with a console. I have my settings set to ignore the power the save and during the middle of the night I'd hear the fan kick on and I'm like, oh, it's updating, cool. Same with pc, all I ever have to do is restart it. Installs can take a bit but start it when you're busy and it'll queue.

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Princess_Pilfer314d ago

Yeah, the minimum requirements for modern AAA games, even super demanding ones like WatchDogs 2, is a GTX 660. That is a 5 year old card. So there is no headache for updating cards.

Also, basically the only drivers you need to update are video card drivers, and there is no reason you need the newest drivers at all times. It's been months since I updated mine, because I haven't bought any newly released AAA games that would benefit from the new drivers. If you do need them, it's no different than those firmware updates on the consoles, except it's faster.

No. Plug and play means plug it in and play it. No extra steps. That is not how consoles work anymore.

I don't think you've done anything with a PC since 2002, because there isn't a lengthy configuring process for anything a typical gamer is going to do on PC. At most you have to pick a couple of options during the windows install and then leave it alone for 20 minutes. You also don't have to research what parts are compatible with what other parts, any of the decent PC building websites (wether they build if for you or just send you links to all the parts at the prices they list so you can build it yourself) will tell you what parts are compatible with what other parts.

Allsystemgamer314d ago


What driver headaches? You mean those things that install automatically?

When I went to update MWR it took me 3 hours after installing. He's not wrong.

ninsigma314d ago

Game install takes minutes in my PS4...

LandoCalrissiano314d ago

@princess hvaguy is right, plug and play is: "denoting or relating to software or devices that are intended to work perfectly when first used or connected, without reconfiguration or adjustment by the user."

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SCW1982315d ago

PC for third party if ya have the grunt, console for exclusives.

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Apocalypse Shadow315d ago

Both. Or the one that *I* like.

ninsigma315d ago

I recommend both really.