Genesis Flashback could be Sega fans' answer to the SNES Classic

Will the Sega Genesis Flashback be the best ticket to my Sega childhood, or a cruel disappointment?

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yellowgerbil343d ago

NO. They've had these for damn near a decade, they are cheap garbage with bad emulation and often filled with garbage shareware pc games to round out the number of included games.

ocelot07343d ago

Agreed these thing's have been around for a good 10 years maybe even more. Not heard many good things from any of them. Due to as mentioned bad emulation, poor wireless controllers, no hdmi, crap audio ect. At least you can play your old cartridge games on them I suppose.

GrimDragon343d ago

If sega came out with an official genesis mini that would be sweet. Must include castlevania bloodlines and contra hardcorps.