Innovation and Exclusives - The Winning Formula for Nintendo Switch

Ever since the days of being the biggest fish in the pond, sparring against robust competition in the form of the Sega systems, Nintendo later found themselves in a battle against the giant cash cow corporations of Microsoft and Sony. Yet here they are…still….with new hardware. So what is it about the Switch that can compete with the Xbox and PS4? The sheer brilliance in its innovation, design and the games we could and have already seen.

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MrSega131d ago

Exclusives? aren't you saying that Zelda, Mario Kart and Splatoon are exclusives right?

131d ago
porkChop131d ago

Those are Nintendo exclusives. You can't play them on Xbox or PlayStation, can you?

MrSega129d ago

I'm playing right now on my PC lol, and they aren't Switch exclusives.

porkChop129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

It doesn't matter if you play them on your PC.

And no, Zelda and Mario Kart aren't exclusive to Switch. But last time I checked the Wii U has been discontinued because no one bought it. So it doesn't really matter if those games are available on Wii U. They're still Nintendo exclusives and cannot be found on PlayStation or Xbox.

The article isn't even really about those games anyway. It just mentions them. It's more about the exclusives coming in the future, and the many great Nintendo franchises we could see.

And Splatoon 2 is exclusive to the Switch, so I don't know why you felt the need to bring that up.

TheDreamCorridor131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Just like how the Wii U was formidable against the PS4 and Xbox One.

Oh... wait.

EddieNX 131d ago

The 3ds did quite well and the Switch is the succesor to both 3ds and Wiiu.

fenome131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Personally I think they could sweep the floor if they just made a traditional console again. Just look at how much people are eating up their "Classic" emulators that resemble old consoles.

I'd buy a real console from them day one, I'm just not sold on the Switch yet. I'm not hating on it but it just doesn't really appeal to me. Zelda does look great though, and if it keeps getting great support then I can always change my mind.

I've still got my fingers crossed that their next console is just a straight up console and then they could just sell you the tablet to play on the go if you wanted to.

I'm a play after work at my leisure kind of guy. I don't play on the go, I like sitting down in front of my big screen with the surround sound pumped. To each their own though, I'm not trying to downplay how other people play, that's just what it is with me.

Istolla131d ago

Well, it's a good thing the world doesn't revolve around you...

fenome131d ago

Probably, I'd be a d!ck if I was the Sun, burning people and stuff. Lmao

Luckily it doesn't revolve around Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft either or we'd all be screwed. I voiced my personal opinions that don't mean squat, just like everybody else here does.


EddieNX 131d ago

Damn right. The only people hating it right now are people with an irrational hatred that renders their opinion useless. It's rapidly turning into my favorite ever console, and because Nintendo have 1 platform instead of 2 it should have the best library of exclusives ever on a Nintendo, Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon on one device says it all.

yellowgerbil131d ago

I admit to bashing it a great deal when announced, but now I'm checking the stores trucks everyday waiting for them to get stock in (been 2 months since the store has gotten a shipment) mario + rabbids sold me on it

Brandon916131d ago

Nintendo is definitely on a roll but boy kingdom hearts 3 trailer was oh so sweet. Would love for that to come over to the switch even with the huge graphics downgrade.

Jcice131d ago

Why are they afraid to release worldwide unit sold numbers? All they brag about is how many they selling in japan.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory131d ago

Uh because Q1 Report for this Fiscal Year is over yet until August. Meaning we won't get the number til September for Worldwide but we will get the number for the region.

Zeldafan64131d ago

The first quarter of this financial year started on April 1st, meaning the quarter ended on June 30th. They usually have the previous quarter's briefing about 4 weeks after the quarter ended so they'll have the 1st quarter briefing in about 2 weeks.

Zeldafan64131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Were you the one who gave me the disagree? You are wrong and I corrected you. No ill will intended, just setting things straight.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory131d ago

Nope. Must be the same person who gave me one.

GameBoyColor131d ago

Where's xbox numbers after all these years? All i see are hours spent on xbox live teehee

TheOttomatic91131d ago

I thought the point of the Switch was that it was a hybrid and not meant to compete with the PS4 and XB1