Ranking EA's Battlefield Videogame Series

EA's Battlefield series is insanely popular with videogamers across the world - but which of the games in the series is the best?

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matt139249d ago

BC2 or BF3 should be #1. BF1 is okay but it gets boring very quickly, no way it should be #2.

pandehz249d ago


BF1 is way too high up the ladder.

Sciurus_vulgaris249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Well I can't make a personal opinion of battlefield games, outside BF4, and BF1. I don't see why BF1, got such good reviews. It was like critics were overly looking its faults, and giving very generous scores.

WeAreLegion249d ago

Agree with #1. Battlefield 2 is still the best.


BF2 MC is way too low, hardline scored way.

ParanoidFreak249d ago

Bad Company 2 will always be tops in my book -- I did greatly enjoy 3 & 4 though. I really wish DICE would focus on a BC3. With today's tech it would be spectacular if done right. And BF1 is alright.

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