This Collection of Life is Strange Cosplay is Hella Sexy, Emotional and Beautiful

COGconnected: We are back with another weekend installment of cosplay. This time we have some super sexy and stunning Life is Strange cosplay.

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TC731218d ago

Attention whores are news because...?

GameHead85218d ago

Well they're not news, they just like to put themselves out there so they can be news.

ChronoJoe218d ago

They didn't write it up as news though did they? Also, a lot of people enjoy cosplay, and enjoy seeing what other people have done with their outfits etc. So it makes sense that people would take an interest.

218d ago
ChronoJoe218d ago

Your comment is sexist and stupid. They just enjoy cosplay, what's wrong with that? No one forced you to read it, and they didn't force whoever wrote the article to do so. It's obvious people enjoy their cosplay.

bluefox755218d ago

Everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic, and you have to point it all out.

ChronoJoe217d ago

Well yeah, if you go around calling women attention whores because of how they dress, that's sexist. Go say it to someone in the real world instead of on an online forum and see how long you can keep a job.

GamesMaster1982218d ago

Did you not know its 2017 every Game, Movie, Websites have to have gay characters thrown down our throat nowadays.

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JCW2005218d ago

ummmmmmmmmmm.... yikes.......

Nu218d ago

I'm sensitive to a peculiar emotion below the bellybutton

Nu218d ago

that image shows precisely why certain actions causes blindness

FullmetalRoyale218d ago

Sometimes the reward outweighs the risk!

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The story is too old to be commented.