Final Fantasy IX - Right Game, Right Time

Paul uses JRPG July to share his thoughts and feelings on one of his favourite games of all time, the beloved PSX classic Final Fantasy IX.

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FallenAngel1984100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

"the game had the medieval Final Fantasy VI style"

Well FFVI was a lot more steampunk than medieval with its second industrial revolution setting. In fact it laid the groundwork that FFVII & FVIII would follow. It's more accurate to say FFIX's medieval style called back to FFI-FFV's style.

"the most refined version of Final Fantasy’s turn-based combat"

"it’s the highest point of the franchise’s turn-based combat approach"

FFX-2 undoubtedly has the best incarnation of the ATB in the entire series.

"Final Fantasy IX was a game lost to many due to it releasing in a period of transition between the PS1 and PS2."

It wasn't that overlooked, far from it. FFIX still stands as one of the highest selling PS1 games. The 15th best selling game on that platform to be exact.

VoiceOfUnreason100d ago

I dunno man, there's plenty of steampunk elements to FFIX's world.

I mean, just look at the airships/Lindblum. These things pretty much epitomized steampunk for me when I was a kid.

Relientk77100d ago

One of the best games ever made

really hope Final Fantasy 16 is medieval fantasy style like this

-Foxtrot100d ago

I think this is what FFXVI needs in my opinion after past games having a more realistic, modern day vibe with tame fantasy elements we need to go back to medieval and proper full on fantasy elements.

Do another realistic, modern day or Sci-Fi Final Fantasy game and it's going to feel samey.

FallenAngel1984100d ago

And doing "another" medieval game won't feel samey? Seems like hypocritical logic right there.

All that should matter is how well a game's setting is used, not particularly what type of setting it is

_-EDMIX-_100d ago

It really depends how they would do a futuristic modern type Final Fantasy.

My overall agree that I want to see a different theme considering the last several final fantasies I've actually been your classic modern sci-fi, I think a return to the older Concept in regards to Art direction will be more than welcome.

I actually agree with Fallen that how the setting is used is extremely important for all we know they could do another modern Final Fantasy that could end up being one of the best games to ever be created, I tend not to put so much focus on the setting because I believe a great game can be set anywhere now that's not to say I disagree with you because I definitely want to see another medieval, Victorian type setting.

If they're able to do a slam dunk out of the park with either concept I will be okay.

Warshade100d ago

No final fantasy deserves an HD remake more. Maybe FF3/6 but even personally I could not say I really like one more than the other lol.