DDoS Attacks Against Final Fantasy 14 Have Been Contained, For Now

Although Square Enix had been containing the problem, the attackers recently started going after ISPs; the issues seem to be fixed for the moment, however.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi285d ago

Hate the people that do these stupid things.

Bismarn285d ago

Attacking FF XIV, while laudable, does not make up for the all the negative things DDoS attacks have done to the gaming community over the years.

TeamIcoFan285d ago

How is it laudable exactly?

rainslacker285d ago

DDOS does nothing but affect the player base negatively. In a game like this, where people pay a subscription, and they can't play it because of these a**holes, even if for a short time, they are taking away from them, not the company they're attacking. These companies don't change their ways because of these attacks, and any reason given for such things changes nothing, and only annoys the players.

Giving credit to the attackers for doing something good is just wrong. It's on the player base or consumer to express their problems to the company themselves, and there are ways to do that without causing problems with the larger community. If the company doesn't listen, then just stop giving them money. That will speak much louder than these DDOS attacks.

On top of that, it's not up to these attackers to decide for the general consumer what is and isn't worth making a statement over. These attackers act as if they speak for everyone, when really, all they do is act for themselves.

Cryptcuzz283d ago

Well said.

I've only gotten into the game (no where near the second or third expansion yet) and have enjoyed it a lot so far.

What are these people trying to do anyways? What is their motive in doing all these attacks?

rainslacker283d ago

Not sure. These have been going on for almost a month now. They first targeted the servers themselves, which SE took care of I guess, but then the attacks moved up the internet chain to attack the servers which connect to SE. I think this is where they're at now. This causes problems for anyone using these servers to connect to anywhere on the internet, not just to SE servers.

While there is redundancy to help prevent this for the individual, when it comes to games, it can take time to reroute and that's where the lag and disconnects come in.

As far as I know, the attacks themselves have no one claiming responsibility, and no actual reason has been given for the attacks. A cursory search to see if I could answer your question didn't turn up any reasons given, and a few weeks ago, SE said that they received no reason for them, leading me to believe the person I'm replying to really has no clue what's going on or why they're being attacked either.