Here is the classic police station scene from Resident Evil 3 being recreated in Unreal Engine

3D artist Raul Divaev has recreated the classic police station environment from Resident Evil 3 in Unreal Engine, and released some screenshots from it. Unfortunately the artist has not made this map available to the public, however these screenshots will give you an idea of what a fan-made remastered version of Resident Evil 3 could look like. Enjoy!

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zerocarnage247d ago

Thought the police station was number 2, don't remember the police station in 3.

GameHead85247d ago

I loved that scene though.

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Sherif129247d ago

It was in both games. In 3, you're first introduced to it where you meet the nemesis.

ocelot07246d ago

The police station is in both 2 and 3. Most of the game is set in the police station in 2 and only about 20% of it in 3. Nemesis kills brad outside of the station in 3 (which is set like an hour or 2 before Resident Evil 2). In Resident Evil 2 you can actually see and kill zombie brad that Nemesis killed an hour or so earlier.

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jasonpugh247d ago

That was a video of one hallway. I wasn't impressed. Also, the police station was RE2.

SolidGear3247d ago

Judging by the comments it seems people don't even remember you briefly enter the police station in 3. I just played it last month so I remember clearly :3

Smitty2020246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Thank you for clearing this up I played it yrs ago n still remember these kids don't know shit 😂