PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: the Childish Side of Console War

The battle fought by Microsoft and Sony to control the “high-end” market of consoles increasingly resembles a huge waste of time and resources

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Bigpappy315d ago

The writer is wrong about 4K. It is not as nitche as many may think. He doesn't understand trends as it pertains to gaming. The TV industry is all about 4K. No one is building 1080p TV's anymore, and have not in a while. 4K is growing fast and will grow even faster because of these new consoles and the games that support them. Gamers will buy 4K TV's when they see the leap it provides over 1080p. Its a BIG leap.

NeptuneGames315d ago

Commercializing such powerful consoles just to add 4k texture, increase resolution and improve framerate is equivalent to camping with a Ferrari. We need new types of video games with better IA, next-gen physics, environmental destruction and animation, not video games that differ from those for X360 or PS3 only for 4k graphics

freshslicepizza314d ago

The industry has proven that console gamers don't really care much for response times and instead favor graphical enhancements. Insomniac has shown reviews do not favor high frame rates which is why they sadly went to 30fps gameplay over the earlier days of 60fps.

The XB1 and PS4 Pro are also just midecycle upgrades, not new generation leaps. Nintendo ironically is the only one who takes frame rates seriously.

XStation4pio_Pro314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

If you have a 4k tv (of which I have 2) you want 4k content period. A better analogy would be having a 4x4 truck ready for anything and having to waste it by not having any mountains. HD has been around for a looooong time and once you have 4k, it makes seeing a 1080p screen look like you're watching VHS tapes.

2pacalypsenow314d ago (Edited 314d ago )


Have you played Breath of the wild?

DrumBeat314d ago

I couldn't agree more. Display resolution is changing the narrative and controlling everything. It's eating up GPU resources, and imo, it's a waste. Let's see some true advances in gaming, like the ones you listed.

CaptainObvious878314d ago

"Commercializing such powerful consoles just to add 4k texture, increase resolution and improve framerate is equivalent to camping with a Ferrari. We need new types of video games with better IA, next-gen physics, environmental destruction and animation, not video games that differ from those for X360 or PS3 only for 4k graphics."

This a thousand time over. I severely despise this focus on superficial 4k when that power should be used to improve gameplay.

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SpaceRanger314d ago're just gonna pretend like input lag isn't a factor on current 4k TVs?

I can tell you from experience that it's noticeable, whether it be a TV or monitor. It's great for single player games where you're not needing to be lightning quick in your reflexes as you need in multiplayer.

But I'm sure people will just pretend like it's nonexistent. And a 4k tv without HDR is a huge waste of money. That's where the leap is at.

343_Guilty_Spark314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Rtings has budget TVs like the TCLP607 with a great PQ, peak brightness for HDR, and low input lag. Do your research.

chrisoadamson314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

the samsung ks range has input lag of low 20's. :P

SpaceRanger314d ago


TCL? Do my research? Youll definitely get what you're paying for with it. Don't know why Samsung and Sony TVs even exist.

I have a Samsung KS series 4k w/ HDR. The imput lag is noticeable when I play siege or games similar unless you set it to "Game Mode" on its picture settings. But it lowers resolution.

Kallisti314d ago

No one is building 1080p TV's anymore? Sony just released new 1080p TV's with HDR this year.

ILostMyMind314d ago

Nice! I did not know that.

jc12314d ago

The majority of TVs are now 4K - like 90+% of them. Sure, you can still find some TVs with 1080p res, but most of them are lower-end TV's without the bells and whistles.

darthv72314d ago

So HDR is coming to 1080p sets????

That's surprising.

Rude-ro314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

The "tv industry" can care less for 4k due to bandwidth limitations. Proof, 1080p with a reputable bandwidth is still not a standard on all cable and satellite providers.
If, big if, you get any 4k, it is at an extra cost and nowhere near a decent choice to compliment tvs.
The market is also not supporting 4k hd blurays or bluray players.
The mid gen consoles are also only pushing this gens games. The mid gens are overkill by reaching for better image quality on these games.
Either is fine... they are options... but to say that the tv industry is all about it is not correct by a long shot.
The tv manufactures can be making said tvs... but they are not getting supported by anyone right now outside of Netflix and Amazon unless you want to jump through hoops getting them off of a computer.

jc12314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

huh? This makes no sense - at least in terms of physical 4k media. 4K UHD blu-rays are selling much better than anyone anticipated.

True, cable providers are slow to adapt due to technological limitations, but im sure by 2020 such limitations will be overcome by many cable/satellite providers.

As far as TV hardware is concerned - major manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and LG have thrown all their eggs in the 4K basket. Mark my words - and I know this sounds crazy - but, in about 5 or so years, talk of 8K sets will begin.

Rude-ro314d ago

"Selling much better than anticipated"
They can sell all the players they want and better than anticipated can mean anything...
But the actual content is sparse and not transferring well with movies or tv viewing.
Yes, it will grow... but physical sales have declined massively overall for content.
Yes, they will continue to push tvs... but the growth rates also are declining as far as consumers adapting to newer tvs because they just are not nearly as supported as when hd programming originally got introduced.
Sports was the number one reason for growth as far tvs go and as long as sports on cable and satellite only support 1080i with low hz... consumers are not in a hurry to upgrade like they were in the past.
8k will be welcomed because that means 4k tv will be standard and 4k tvs will be cheaper. 8k will be a luxury tv only for many years.

Going full circle... it is nice that consoles are adding the extra umph to gaming to maybe give a push to sales.. but it is still considered overkill to majority of consumers until 4k broadcasting becomes the norm thus making the upgrade worth while.
In 2020, we will be talking about next gen gaming and consoles that will still only be 4k.
8k gaming on consoles will be a long way away.

DrumBeat314d ago

True. Cable companies broadcast in 1080i max, and are nowhere near supporting 4K. 4K isn't big enough yet because there aren't enough mediums that actually support it.

jc12313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I love all the downvotes, even though I provide you with clear evidence that 4K blu rays are selling really well...Perhaps you need more evidence? According to another reputable source, 4K blu rays are selling 4x better than blu rays did when they were introduced in 2006. Again, 4X BETTER. To sit there and say the "content is sparse or not translating" is completely untrue.

Moreover, 4K tv sets are being adopted FASTER than 1080p sets were...

Not to mention Samsung, Oppo, Sony, LG, Philips etc. all currently offer 4K players on the market - and at reasonable prices I might add.

Also, your assertion that broadcast companies are uninterested or not supporting 4K broadcasting is flat out wrong. Broadcasting networks have plans in the works RIGHT NOW to prepare and release ATSC 3.0. ATSC would replace ATSC 1.0 and allow networks to broadcast their content in both 4K and HDR.

Not only that, but we cant discount the growing amount of 4K content on streaming services as well, like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The production and consumption of 4k content is accelerating quickly - and the Xbox One X and PS5 will only amplify such trends.

You make the argument that sports being broadcast in 1080i was a big motivator for people to upgrade their sets back in the day. Yes, this was true back in 2006-2007. But the story is different today. Any time someone looks to buy a new TV today - for whatever reason - 90% of the time they'll be getting a 4k set because that's all that major manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Vizio offer. Good luck finding a 1080p TV at Best Buy or even Walmart. You MIGHT be able to find a 1080p set, but chances are it will be 37" or less in size, and it wont offer HDR.

Your argument just doesn't hold water. And even if people are totally satisfied with their 1080p sets and refuse to upgrade them, I assure those people, their sets will die sooner or later. Much more likely than not, their replacement set will be a 4K TV.

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Allsystemgamer314d ago

No one is building 1080p TVs anymore?

They're still making 720p tvs you dolt.

jc12313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

720 and 1080p sets are relegated to the back seat at this point - they are increasingly hard to find, and generally lack higher end features.

Dont be dense, you know this to be true.

To quote "Nowadays though, it is difficult to find anything other than a 4k TV. 1080p is usually reserved for cheap budget options and all the better TVs will have a UHD resolution. Premium features named earlier are not found on lower resolutions anymore."


Domovoi0ng313d ago

higher framerates and graphics over resolution anyday.

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FallenAngel1984315d ago

Childish side of the console war?

That's a beyond redundant statement

Lennoxb63314d ago

There is no "Childish side." The console war as a whole is childish.

NeptuneGames314d ago

Not necessarily: the infantile struggles between the fanatics of one or the other platform are just a superficial manifestation of the console war. If we look at it from a broader perspective we realize that competition between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo has produced many benefits for everyone, as I've tried to illustrate in this article

Rude-ro314d ago

The "childish side" was and is intended.
It drives a market. It creates separation and a fanbase that becomes blind and drives consumer pools that drive business support.
It is the number one goal of marketing.
It is 101. You want the negatives as much as you want the positives. It creates core bases that will always support a company.

314d ago
MADGameR314d ago

Look theres no doubt the X Box One X has more to offer than the PS4 Pro but the PS4 just has WAY too many great games and the PS4 Pro is $100 cheaper.

ILostMyMind314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

"Look, theres no doubt the X Box One X has more power than the PS4 Pro..."

I fixed it for you.

BiggerBoss314d ago

So the part about Ps4 having more and better games is true then?;)

ArmrdChaos314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

"So the part about Ps4 having more and better games is true then?"

No....that would be called subjective. Sony or Microsoft could have 50 new games exclusive or otherwise. If not a single one appealed to me then effectively they would have zero. Truth is absolute where as opinion is not......most on this site conveniently forget that. This stupid ass console war is nothing more than a battle of Egos that the corporate vultures feed upon to push more product. Unfortunately most are not bright enough to realize that.....or choose to ignore it.

ILostMyMind313d ago

Yes, of course. There is no doubt about that.

As for the subjectivity of the quality of the games, if most likes something and you are the only one not to like the problem lies in you.

Rude-ro314d ago

What does it have to offer? The level of the games are not innovative or graphically astonishing now... putting a 4k shine on those games, that are available everywhere, is not putting a dent in the market.
Crackdown 3 still looks like a 360 game... even with a 4k shine waxed on, it will put no dent in the market.
Horizon still looks better than anything that has been shown off on the x. That is due to game engine development... not "power".
The number of games only available on PlayStation that are getting complimented by these engines far outweighs what the x will be offering.

SCW1982314d ago

Art style and animation trump fidelity every time.

Cobra951314d ago

I am mostly in agreement with the story. 4K is a ridiculous target for the current state of console technology. 1080p was already a major challenge, with most games having to settle for half the ideal frame rate. Now they have to fill 4 times as many pixels every frame. Adding horsepower to the GPU helps, but that only ups the cost of consoles without adding anything to how good the games themselves can become.

343_Guilty_Spark314d ago

Was 720p a ridiculous target back in 2005?

They should have pushed for VGA 120fps

BiggerBoss314d ago

Damn, you read a Halo article and Xbox fans say 60 fps is a must, but now it doesn't matter? Now 30 fps is okay?

SpaceRanger314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

720p is a hard target for Xbox to even reach now. They barely skimmed by with it even in games as big as Metal Gear Solid.

4k gaming is a bonus, but it comes and comes again as a target that it gone for with side blinders on.

Septic314d ago

"720p is a hard target for Xbox to even reach now. "

Completely clueless 😂

jc12314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Its not ridiculous. Why not shoot for maximum visual fidelity? Face it, whether hardcore gamers like it or not, graphics sell. The casual gamer often sees "that new AAA game" and his/her jaw drops at the graphical fidelity - and boom, a new sale is generated.

I agree advances in physics and AI are a must for new games, but in all honesty, the layman gamer is drawn to graphics. That which generates mass appeal will almost always be the focus of any company, hence 4K.

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