No Man’s Sky Big announcement coming 21 July

The Alternate Reality Game that Hello Games have been playing with No Man’s Sky players for the past month looks to be finally coming to a climax as all dates point to July 21. Earlier this year ke…

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isarai515d ago

can't wait, love this game and any reason to jump back into the game ill gladly take

Soulst0rmer515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

I like NMS a lot. No it's not perfect but it's something I can get lost in for hours

No Way514d ago

Why though? Doing what? I just cant get past that their isn't really anything "exciting" to find on the planets. Unless things have changed since I first played it.

inveni0514d ago

Things HAVE changed, @No Way. But you still won't like it. If the call of seeing what's beyond each new horizon isn't enough to hook you, then you'll never find an exploration game you like. I recently put a bunch more hours into this game because of the Pathfinder update, and now I'm working on all of my Journey rankings. But this is after having taken about an 8-month break.

NohansenBoy514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Have they gotten past every planet having very little differences and the random creature generator making this thing look like a rat pig while this other thing has the same rat head, but on a deer's body?

Also, has Sean went to prison for false advertising yet?

Goldby513d ago


Has Sean gone to prison* not went.

and no because they weren't guilty of false advertisement.

thorstein513d ago

Sorry @Nohansenboy,

The liars were wrong about the game and the lawsuit come to nothing (as it should have.) Source:

But keep hating something you never intended to play.

Oh, and by all means, please base all of your future decisions on what other people say rather than experiencing something for yourself.

Cupid_Viper_3513d ago

I can't believe the amount of blowback these guys are getting over a $60 game...

I mean could you imagine if, instead of selling us a $60 dollar game, Hello Games had decided to sell us a $500 console that is weaker yet more expensive than its competitor and decided to ACTUALLY LIE and say that the POWER OF THE CLOUD would make it 3-5 times stronger than it is? And 4 years down the road still have nothing to show for it? One can only imagine what would happen to these guys if they did that...

Meh... that's too much work. That would mean that one would have to actually change their entire perspective on the whole matter. And we know THAT won't happen. lol.

Anyways... Here's hoping that this announcement includes something about a VR mode. Because truth be told, I was so hoping that this game would be PSVR compatible. I can see myself easily spending some 100-200 hours exploring different planets in VR.

ssj3goku87513d ago

fans of this game must be a bunch of mindless drones with nothing better to do.

NohansenBoy513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

I won't berate anyone for supporting a conman, but surely supporting his activity isn't good for gaming at large right? What he did tells me that anyone with a major company backing them can get away with lying. Remember that he begged the person that got his copy early not to upload gameplay due to the fact that would expose the game as being a bland and repetitive space exploration game with no real goal when he promised so much more during interviews? Another reason I think Sean was crapping himself over that early copy was due to the review embargo.

I only care about defending my hobby from con artists like Sean Murray.

Exoil513d ago

@NohansenBoy: Don't mind Thorstein, Sean Murray could kill his family members and he'd still deny that Sean did anything wrong.

It's been proven so many times that they blatantly lied in interviews and in previews of the game leading up to the launch and the only thing these shills have to counter with is a tweet sent out a week before the game drops that it's not a multiplayer experience.

Sean Murray makes Peter Molyneux seem a pretty honest guy

thorstein513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

@Exoil " the only thing these shills have to counter with is a tweet sent out a week before the game drops that it's not a multiplayer experience. "

Okay, time to shut it:
Stop Thinking Of No Man’s Sky As A Multiplayer Game
by Bryan Vore on December 10, 2014

NO MAN'S SKY 10 JUN 2014

For those that don't want to follow the links:

Sean Murray explicitly said in 2014 that it would be "impossible" to sync all the players in an article entitled: "Stop Thinking Of No Man’s Sky As A Multiplayer Game"

"But that's okay for us because it will never happen. I guess the whole of the entire community could organize to go to one specific spot and then they would find that they weren't all there at the same time. That would be ridiculous. "

Ridiculous and impossible. Hmmm... that doesn't sound like "Yes, it's an MMO."

From 2015 IGN published this answer: "No Man's Sky isn't an MMO. Who or what you are is down to your own interpretation, rather than us giving you set guidelines on it in the way a character creator would. That's super important to us."

So. You can choose to admit that you were wrong and were (quite possibly) misled by some journalists, but you can't say the dev lied. It took me two minutes to find two sources that show the game isn't MP. And then, of course, there is the aforementioned Twitter account.

EDIT: Bonus Large Scale Space Battle before any patches Published on Aug 30, 2016:

Exoil512d ago

October 2rd 2015. Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

- The only way for you to know what you look like is for someone else to... you know see you.
- Can you run into other people, other players on the game?
- Yes, but the chances of that are incredibly rare, just because of the size of what we´re building

Sean Murray is lying through his teeth, how you still can't admit that is astonishing. Truly, it is

thorstein511d ago

Okay @Exoil

A very intelligent person once asked, how do you convince someone with evidence if they don't accept evidence.

But then you went and added even more evidence that it would be "incredibly rare" to run into another player.

So, you were wrong and now you are admitting it. Most people just say, "My bad, I hadn't heard that," or "My bad, I hadn't read that."

But adding more evidence certainly works. How that logically leads to "lying" is not logical.

I made the claim, I backed it up with evidence. You claimed there was nothing but a tweet but then added more evidence that the game isn't MP.

So, you either accept the evidence or you don't. I really don't care because I already have the game and I enjoyed it.

NohansenBoy511d ago

You know, I got a new phone recently. My old one broke on me, but I always told myself that my old phone was just fine, because it was mine and I paid $80 for it. It was a cheap Chinese phone I got, because it had 2GB of RAM, but I won't ramble about specs, I just got it since for the time 2GB of RAM at $80 was a great deal. It had issues that I chose to ignore after I couldn't return it anymore and I still forced myself to love that old piece of junk phone. The touch screen started having issues after the 30 day return policy expired. Dead pixels started showing up 6 months later. then the speaker or sound chip started giving out a few months after that.

Moral of the story? I only cared about that old phone, because I paid a good amount of money I won't get back since most of its issues didn't arise until getting my money back was too late. I do think people care more about something if they pay for it. Not saying it's buyers remorse kicking in, just something else.

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514d ago
bf000777966514d ago

I knew I won't be disappointed when I bought it last September.

Black0ut513d ago

I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to on steam. Look pretty interesting imo and my judgment is on hold until then. There's waay too much hating these days in gaming tbh

jugo14512d ago

hahaha that was funny. Needed a good laugh today!

isarai512d ago

WOW! didnt expect my simple comment to turn into a sh!t flinging [email protected]#k. Look man, i've just alaways been the type to mindlessly explore just to see whats beyond the horizon, and something as simple as a really large overhang is enough to take as payoff for my travels and reason to keep going. Skyrim, minecraft, breath of the wild, xenoblade chronicles x, all were games i got primarily just to explore and gawk at the neat surroundings.

No mans sky is my perfect outlet for that. I like to piece together my own lore and wonder what heppened to the people who ancients who built the ruins, where did the sentinels come from? What am i and why am i unique? Am i related to the sentinels? I dont know, and i know the game right now isnt going to provide those answers, but history so old its lost to time makes me like the experience even more.

I never cared if it had online/mp or not, and i didnt care about "large scale space battles" i just wanted to wander around with an unpredictable promise and good potential to leave me awestruck. Potential i've witnessed realised first hand lots of times with planets of 600ft flying skyworms, and a barren planet home to seemingly a single giant spikey fish, or a planet flooded with 1ft flying dinosaurs. Is it 3very planet? No in fact it's only once every few solar systems but that just makes me enjoy it more when i do find the interesting things.

Ionno, i just enjoy wandering around till i find interesting things and this game scratches that itch like nothing else so far. Just sick of everyone emploring me to dislike this game as if im not allowed to like what it does offer.

PassiveLead447d ago

I will try today thats too late :P

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deadfrag514d ago

Lets see if i finally jump in this game.

cleft5514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

I'll say this to you and anyone else out there. This game has a lot of issues they needed to iron out. The developers have been put into this crazy situation where crazy people write down every little thing they say and use it in a reddit post to hang them the moment something they mention isn't in the game so they can't really communicate with their fanbase. Because if anything they say isnt directly in the game or gets delayed they are demonized as huge liars.

With that said, their actions have spoken louder than any words. These guys have knuckled down and constantly released update after update and have constantly work to improve and expand their game. When its all said and done I do fully think we will have everything that they originally wanted to add into the game. When they are done with all of these core updates I do see a FF14 situation where the game is so transformed that its night and day compared to the original release. So long as these guys stay dedicated to fixing and improving their game I do believe this will be the case.

gamer7804513d ago

i don't know about you, what i was taught growing up if you make a commitment or a promise, you don't break it. if its out of your control, you need to apologize and make it right

XanderZane513d ago

No doubt, they will probably fix everything and get the game to where it was suppose to be at launch. For me, it's too little to late. The damage was already done. Same way I felt about DriveClub. Is the game better now? Yes, definitely. Do I care? Nope and still don't own the full version of the game. Too many lies and misinformation.

Exoil513d ago

@xanderzane: Except in Driveclub it was riddled with network problems at launch, not missing ton of content promised to be in the game by the developers prior to release. So you can't really compare the two. Unless you're talking about the shitty way Driveclub PS+ version was handled

CorndogBurglar513d ago

It wasn't a matter of people writing down every little thing they said. You are over-simplifying what happened.

They showed gameplay footage along with what they said. There is a very long list of things they said would be in the game that were missing at launch.

They pretty much admitted to it also when Sean Murray finally broke his silence and said he would no longer talk about features in the game until he was 100% sure they would make it into the game.

I'm not sure why people defend this. When even the head developer makes a comment like that, a comment that admits what they did, then its time to give up the fight.

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subtenko513d ago

I find top down RPG MMO's boring...sorta.... guess I speak for everyone on that :D oh wait......

andybock514d ago

Can't wait. Hope hello games vision gets closer. Loved the game from day one.

bluefox755514d ago

Regardless of how you feel about NMS, you can't deny that they've went above and beyond in trying to earn back people's trust. It would have been easy to just cut and run, but they've been working endlessly since release to make things right. I think it's commendable.

1nsomniac514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

Bullshit. They repeatedly told lies to sell their game. Then when customers realised it was lies & complained, they called us liars. Only when it was physically proven that they had lied repeatedly, they accepted it & apologised. Before that they had relentlessly continued to cover up their lies with even more bullshit. Then they ran into hiding until they realised that the public backlash was so massive that it completely destroyed their careers & chances of staying in the industry or in fact any job in the future.

They have no choice & have already made it very clear that they would completely ditch the game given the choice. Sean Murray & his team have even stated the fact.

Some people just don't have the simple common sense or intelligence to see what's in front of them & how very wrong that is. He's not doing it out of the kindness of his heart. He's a crook. He's only doing it because he's not got a choice!

You really have to be a very special kind of stupid to ignore what has happened in this situation.

Aenea514d ago

Care to show proof of the following:
- that they called consumers liars
- that it was 'physically' (really?) proven they lied repeatedly
- where they covered up their lies with more BS
- where they stated they want to ditch the game
- where it's said they have no other choice then to continue with it

Yes, they've said some things that they shouldn't have, mostly people fell over the multiplayer thing. Sean shouldn't have mentioned it at all when he wasn't sure they would be able to do so. Practically all the other things they said and showed are actually in the game. I was disappointed in the "big surprise" in the centre of the star system and also expected a bit more of the combat and the way you interact with the aliens since it doesn't matter one way or the other what you do or say.

People expected more tho, somehow, many also just can't seem to understand that you can't come across all the things on the first planet straight away.

They made a booboo, but what you're saying here is a huge exaggeration and contains more lies than they ever spouted!

514d ago
Clown_Syndr0me514d ago

@Aenea didn't the creator tweet that No Mans Sky was a mistake?
That kinda says something.

TejasTV514d ago

@clown_syndr0me Have that tweet?

Rebel_Scum514d ago

Get some sleep man, you're not thinking clearly lol.

1nsomniac514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

What planet are you people on? Do your own research, I'm not going to run around after you when your not intelligent enough to see what's public for all to see/read/hear. Play the game for yourself with your eyes open for Christ sake!

If you're still going to pretend the situation never happened nor the things I have stated above then you're a moron pure & simple and I've wasted too much time on you already.

DragonKnight513d ago

@Aenea: I think you're downplaying the severity of what happened and just what was actually missing. I'm sure you've seen this before, but in case you haven't, the list of what was missing at launch is right here.

That's not "expectation." That's a list of things that were stated to be in the game at launch and were not there or were terrible downgraded versions of what was shown.

subtenko513d ago

I think you're lying....

ziggurcat513d ago


all aenea did was ask that you provide evidence to support the things you've said. she doesn't have to do her own research - you're the one staking the claim, so the onus on on you to prove your statements. otherwise, everything you have said is unsubstantiated conjecture, FUD, and blatant lies.

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-Foxtrot514d ago

Have they though? They went silent for months after the game launched and offered p***** off fans nothing.

They lied when they knew full well what they had to offer but made the game out to be something it's not.

uth11514d ago

They delivered the first major update 3 months after the game launched.

Why are people still butthurt that they didn't tweet anything until it was ready? Who cares? They knew they needed to show, not tell.

-Foxtrot514d ago

"Who Cares"

The defence for this game is amazing

Oh it's fine about all the shit they promised for over a year , since the very start and then failed to deliver, it's totally fine, they made it up by release free updates to us which offers us like a small fraction of what they originally promised in the full game at launch

Good grief.

Not bloody hard to say "Sorry we let you guys down, we are working on something at the minute, don't worry"

Goldby513d ago


because the second they would ahve started to open their mouth about that, they would ahve to either have someone form their team deal with the Twitter force and media response, thus slowing down developemnt of the updates.

its never just one tweet.

iceman06513d ago

Look at the response now. Still, when they have produced updates before, people are already hating on a new one. Now imagine what it would have been like in the aftermath. There was no talking to the pissed off people. Hell, there's no talking to pissed off "fans" now.

CorndogBurglar513d ago

@ Uth11

Why are people "butthurt" they didn't tweet anything until it was ready? Seriously?

They promised things that they didn't deliver on launch, then when fans were upset about it they went silent. Leaving people completely in the darknfor 3 months without knowing if they were going to get an update with these missing things or not.

What is so hard to understand about that? It isn't silly butthurt. Its a legitimate reason to be upset.

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Servbot41513d ago

No they haven't. It's still missing the biggest feature, multiplayer. They already had all these updates planned under the assumption the game would be popular. They are just pushing them out to garner a little goodwill in order to try to trick the few "special" people who are still playing into buying their next dumpster fire.

tee_bag242513d ago

Yep. The elephant in the room..."where's the friggin multiplayer?"

attilayavuzer513d ago

Multiplayer was never a big feature of the game. In fact, it was supposed to be nearly impossible to even run across another person. Anyone who was expecting an open universe mmo was clearly not paying attention pre launch.

CrimzonRazor513d ago

Love the game have from day one never cared if it had multiplayer and never will. Tbh if you follow the lore multiplayer would actually take away from the game and the reason why your there doing what your doing.

CorndogBurglar513d ago

To be fair they only ever said that multiplayer only exists in the sense that its possible to run across other players. Possible, but not likely. The game world is so large that you may never see another player. And it was proven to be possible to see other players as two people actually did manage to meet up.

The multiplayer complaint is the only one I can't get behind. That seems to be the one thing they made abundantly clear before launch. Anyone that expected a multiplayer aspect outside of what I described above wasn't paying attention.

But still, they gave plenty of other reasons to hate on the game.

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sizeofyou513d ago

Don't like, feel butthurt; or don't think open exploration is you - don't play.
Do like, don't feel butthurt and think open exploration is you - play.
Very large number of both first and seconds.
It's not rocket science.

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Takwin514d ago (Edited 514d ago )

This would be a a great choice for next month's PS Plus, XBOX Gold, AND Humble Monthly. Do some goodwill, get this game out there, and see a spike in attention and players.

hahaha514d ago

Thanks God. It is not on Xbox.

514d ago
TejasTV514d ago

@hahaha Yeah not enough Michael Bay to be an Xbox game. Maybe nms4 will make it to the Xbox.