Balanced or not? Jeff Kaplan provides stats for players in quick play

Overwatch Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, replied providing stats for players in Quick Play. He listed win rates for Attack and Defense on all of Overwatch's Assault and Escort maps.

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InTheZoneAC279d ago

No one should ever pull stats from quick play. Some characters are easier to use, some are more difficult. Not every character can be used the same in every situation. Players themselves will skew whatever stats are pulled due to the way they're playing, not the characters fault

gamerbuzz278d ago

This is why it was mentioned that those stats don't apply for competitive level. Even though I agree with you partially. I'm sure these numbers are fairly representative since are based on millions of players over a large period of time. Some people might be happy to see those stats and some other like you indifferent. If I can find data for competitive level I will write about it.