Was 2012's Game Of Thrones Video Game Really That Bad?

Released more than five years ago, Cyanide’s Game of Thrones wasn’t exactly met with the warmest of receptions. Having launched in May 2012, the adaptation arrived alongside the blockbusting TV show’s third season, with Game of Thrones having whipped up a sizeable following around the world. As with any favourite film or television series, there’s always the potential for video game tie-in.

This one wasn't exactly met with a warm reception. So, on the eve of Game of Thrones' seventh season, TSA goes back to revisit one of its only video game adaptations.

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PhoenixUp344d ago

Yes! I accidentally bought it for a dollar cuz I thought it was Telltale's GoT. When I started it up I was instantly disappointed

Teabag_Titan344d ago

Can see why that would be disappointing!

-Foxtrot344d ago

Just them exploiting a successful franchise because they know the name alone will bring in people and will most likely boost the score.

yeahright2343d ago

I don't think that's the case. The game launched in 2012. Assuming it took the normal 2-3 years to actually make the game, it would have been right around the launch of the series, maybe even before, when ink hit paper for the deal.

Booost343d ago

The developers stated it was in development for 7 year so 5 years before the show. Hard to believe to be honest

Summons75344d ago

Yeah, and it was a Dragon Age Origins knock off to boot which made it worse.

Relientk77344d ago

I want a great Game of Thrones game

yeahright2343d ago

The story was great, gameplay was ok at best and the graphics was acceptable. For me it was worth a buy when on sale for $20 or less.

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