Doomfist Is a Disappointing and Frustrating Jumble of Stereotypes

First impressions are hard to overcome, and the impression Doomfist leaves is not a good one

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Dark_Knightmare2286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

What a joke article

KaZeDaRKWIND284d ago

This person has brain damage

BlackSpartan187283d ago

I don't give a F about that, I am black and can not wait to play the black evil leader Doomfist. There all types of stereotypes in media, not just black stereotypes. Dang this is a video game. We , as black people, need to worry about our black communities, that is all F up with crime, drugs, and violence from our own race. Instead of worrying about some fictional video game character, smdh!

InTheZoneAC283d ago

No longer can a character be made without some bs article like this.

Should every character be invisible and fully clothed with robotic voices so no moron like the op can create these stupid non-issue articles?