NA PlayStation Store Mini Flash Sale Offers Injustice 2 On Discount Including Ultimate Edition

PlayStation Store is having a short flash sale this week for some PSN games including Injustice 2.

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SenorFartCushion278d ago

Any deals on that rip-off of a season pass?

Sam Fisher278d ago

Since its the ultimate ed, this would be the sale in a way, 100$ drops to 70$ thats 30$ off the bundle together

Matrix6278d ago

Would be great if one doesn't yet have the game.
I might bite with 60% off.

SenorFartCushion278d ago

I have the game. Not so much the price, just for the intertextual characters no one asked for (Sub-Zero and Raiden.)

blackblades278d ago

The ultimate ed will be $20-$40 soon.

KickSpinFilter277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

15.5 cents a day killin ya bro?
I spend $912 dollars annually on a second cup of coffee at work, give it a rest.
Multiplayer/backups/free games all for the price of $59.99 a year and sure ya if your smart wait till it's on sale and pick up two and stack em I'm good till 2020 lol!
15.5 cents a day

eddieistheillest277d ago

Looks like you have made horrible life decisions.

277d ago
zaherdab278d ago

i hate when u they dont do the deal on the season pass but u can either buy game or game with season pass at a discount

KickSpinFilter277d ago

Ya when PSN+ go on sale usually pick up two at a time, I'm good till 2020

rezzah277d ago

I do the same, especially since they are like $80 in Canada. I wait for them to drop to the original price of $50 during large sales.

Warshade278d ago

EA is still trying to convince us Mass Effect Andromeda is worth some of our money. Make it the free PS+ game and I'll try it.

arkard278d ago

It has a free demo....

Antnee534278d ago

They have a 10 hour free demo

Matrix6278d ago

Hopefully it will be on loan after I complete the trilogy.

letsa_go278d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda is $20 at gamestop right now

eddieistheillest277d ago

I'll buy it on a flash sale for $20 .

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BLAKHOODe278d ago

Love Injustice 2. Way better than the original.

Slappy McGee278d ago

The week after I bought it. Every time.

letsa_go278d ago

Then wait a week next time you want to buy a game!

InTheZoneAC277d ago

stop supporting games at full price when dlc is $40, especially for a fighting game. DLC should be free.

BLAKHOODe277d ago

Remember when they said that DLC enabled developers/publishers to recover some of their losses from piracy? That might've been true 5 years ago, but now that they realize they can bring a ton more money in.. keep it coming. I'm not going to complain really. Video games have cost about $60 for as long as I can remember. It's amazing the standard price of a game hasn't at least risen to $100. The fact they can sell DLC is probably why.

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