Here Are 3 Reasons to Get Hyped About Destiny 2

Jakejames Lugo of The Koalition writes:The Destiny 2 event in Los Angeles gave us a first look at what everyone can expect to see from Bungie’s upcoming sequel, which to the delight of many Destiny fans around the world provided a lot of reasons to be excited. Unlike what many would have expected, Bungie revealed many details about how Destiny 2 will be a huge improvement over its predecessor, as well as how the company has been listening intently to its large fan base.

While we all can expect tons of new weapon and armor loot to find across the many adventures that await us in Destiny 2, there’s a lot more happening that should give Destiny fans plenty of reason to get hyped up for its release in September 2017.

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rbailey98d ago

Destiny had great gameplay aesthetics but lacked a proper storyline. Destiny 2 has a chance to be a bigger and better game for both Activision and Bungie. Definitely will try out the beta next week and see if the sequel is worth jumping into after that.

DaDrunkenJester98d ago

Already have the beta pre downloaded on Xbox One. Gunna co-op this with my brothers just like the first, we had a good time putting in 100+ hours.

ArchangelMike98d ago

How about we don't start pushing the hype train until the game actually delivers on it's promises?

Do people really have such short memories? smh.

DivoJones98d ago

Exactly this.. I'd suggest waiting until it releases and read the reviews. And now that crucible matches are 4 player per team, and I always mention the Playstation exclusivity deal that withholds the best items from Xbox/PC.. it's a pass for me, thanks. (Rise of Iron content for Playstation remains exclusive until after Destiny 2 launches.. expect that kind of crap in Destiny 2)

salamander8598d ago

To be honest most of the exclusive content isnt all that great. Sure u get a strike and a pvp map but its not such a big deal like everyone makes it out to be. Weapons kinda sucked and the strike is forgettable. To each there own tho.

InTheZoneAC97d ago

ps isn't holding anything back from xbox, it's just tacked on content. It's not the "best" so stop crying

but I agree, the destiny fanhards do have selective memory

Bolts98d ago

Surely it'll be different this time right? I mean it's just like a big DLC. What can go wrong?

Miss_Weeboo98d ago

But that won't be hype then... the idea is that you get excited about something that you don't know yet if it's good or bad.

Kuma98d ago

If we skip all the hype this time maybe there won't be any letdowns.

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