10 Memorable Moments of Nudity in Video Games

July 14th, 2017 is National Nude Day and we at COGconnected are celebrating by sharing 10 Memorable Moments of Nudity in Video Games.

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Aurenar220d ago

Triss Merigold wins hands down, it's not even a contest.

Soulst0rmer220d ago

I'm surprise Raiden naked cartwheeling from MGS2 didnt make the cut

Arkadyuti219d ago

Ehh Yennefer >>>> Triss (be triggered)

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MunchMiller00220d ago

10 awesome moments in video games. Yep.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi220d ago

That scene in GTA4 dlc. Went the whole time cleverly masking that old gas-bag's junk and I'm thinking, "oh cool at least they know I really don't wanna see that crap" Then boom there it was.....

KwietStorm220d ago

Haha those assholes lulled us to sleep

Sam Fisher220d ago

I miss daunte inferno, had a great story

Fist4achin219d ago

Watch out for Cleopatra's nips!!!

AmUnRa219d ago

For me God of War 3.It is the first time that nude woman and lesbianlove was used in a game ever.

Its strange, nobody cared about it, nudity and lesbians. No articles about it, no negative articles about it.

Now fast forward to the new Uncharted game.
Naughty Dog must defend them self cous they use lesbians in a game.
i wonder why....🙄

TheOttomatic91219d ago

I think it's because the story in GOW isn't meant to be taken very seriously whilst in TLOU despite being overrun by infected zombies the the world and story is grounded in reality and is done with more respect.

Sunny_D219d ago

I think you meant TLOU. I was about to say when did this happen?!

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