‘Overwatch’ lead writer debunks popular fan theory about Sombra

One popular fan theory about the 'Overwatch' hero Sombra was personally debunked by the game's lead writer.

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ApexWolf22286d ago

Debunks a made up story about a made up story lol...

armchairDev286d ago

People love to overanalyze nonsense...

ObviousGoldfish286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Lol. I had always thought she was an autistic but Symmetra took that dunce cap, so I can understand having a theory!

InKnight7s286d ago

So writers do no story but revealing sex intrest in characters and debunk theories, are you serious??

MunchMiller00286d ago

Jesus. What the f**k is wrong with the world when garbage like this, is "news" ?

ObviousGoldfish286d ago

Dude this is What do ya expect?


Yeah, like if kojima said that snake is trans helicopter no one would care.