Rocket League Update v1.36 Patch Notes For Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch

Rocket League Update v1.36 is now live on all platforms! The full It focuses on addressing the match cancelled issue on Casual Matches, suspension issue and the FPS and performance issues caused by Supersonic Trails, also fixing some bugs featuring Quick Chat, Party Chat, Spectator cameras and more. But regrettably there is no lag fixes, and some heated problems such as the stuttering and frame rate issues on Xbox have not been solved. For more details about the v1.36 update, take a look at the full set of Rocket League Patch Notes v1.36 here.

hvaguy5d ago

Still only console cross play between xbox and switch, no ps4?

Simmo3D4d ago

Nope. No cross-play with PS4 unfortunately.

Also, the Switch version is not available yet.