Lost Order by Final Fantasy Tactics Director and PlatinumGames Gets New Images and Trailer

Cygames and PlatinumGames present new art and a new trailer of the upcoming mobile game Lost Order.

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TheOttomatic91132d ago

Damn it I was excited till I found out it was a mobile title.

132d ago
mockzer0132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Me too! I could feel my heart rate rise as I was reading the description... Then I read the word "mobile" and my heart unexpectedly stopped 😢

InKnight7s132d ago

Why Square developers always leave and no return for them in playstation? Most of them goes for Nintendo and mobile!

Myst-Vearn132d ago

this reminded me of that Kickstarter game "Unsung Story" wasn't directed by this same guy? he should have finished that game first before starting work on another one.

Warshade132d ago

This has an insanely high res Bravely Devault feel to it. Sadly it's a mobile game... oh well. Someday maybe it will get a steam port.

CrimsonWing69132d ago

Whelp, what a bummer that was...