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Blu-ray launches next week

Blu-ray, one of two much-hyped high-definition DVD formats, debuts next week, but the launch is expected to be muted amid device delays and consumer confusion, industry analysts said on Thursday.

Sony Pictures this week said it will deliver various titles in the Blu-ray format to retail on June 20 to coincide with the first available Blu-ray DVD player from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Sony's own Blu-ray compatible VAIO PC. (Industry, PS3)

Marty8370  +   3087d ago
Bluray has the most backing,HD-DVD is dead in the water.
XboxKing  +   3087d ago
you think so

THEY say that thier is about 100 HD-DVDs on the way and only 15 or so for Bluray, but we will see who is the win in the end.
Bill Nye  +   3086d ago
He thinks right. Blu-ray has much more backing than HD-DVD and that's a fact.
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THAMMER1  +   3086d ago
Dead in the water?
I saw an article on here about 2 weeks ago about PS3 being dead in the water. I think that is were PS3fan got that term from. Personally I see blue ray failing mainly due to cost. If it were at a competitive price point I would say other wise but Sony is gouging. It dose not matter how much support one has over the other, it will come down to where the consumer is spending ultimately. All of the studios that back Blue Ray will move over to HD DVD if that is where the consumers moneys is. It would be the same for both formats. The companies backing the formats are about cash they do not share a fan boys pipe dreams of Sony reaching the end of the rainbow.
bernie  +   3086d ago
Who cares ?
I've spent far too much on my DVD collection to start replacing it already, I, like thousands of others, can wait at least 5 years to see whether it will be Bloo-ray or HD-DVD.
kingboy  +   3086d ago
let the battle begin
RuffRyder  +   3086d ago
Grow up and stop with the BS comments
OutLaw  +   3086d ago
Just because
Just because it has alot of backing doesn't mean it is going to be successful. I don't care if that sh!t had a 1000 movies right now. There is no way I'm paying $1000 to $1500. Just to watch movies.
greenlynxx  +   3086d ago
And neither are the majority of consumers.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3086d ago
blu ray isn't going to be a standard.
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XboxKing  +   3086d ago
$1000 is a lot of money so I don't see myself geting an Blue-ray player. (Other then my PS3)
jedicurt  +   3086d ago
I can't wait
I've already dropped close to $5000 just to watch movies (running a full home theater) and can not wait for blu-ray. The only major studio that isn't producing blu-ray and only hd-dvd is universal (and well, the new weinstein company) but every other studio is doing either both or soley blu-ray. No this is not for every consumer as soon as it hits the market, but then again, neither was dvd until it's third year of run
HyperBear  +   3086d ago
It could be awsome
I mean $1300 for a movie player, and about 45 bucks a movie each, but if you look at it. If you just wait till PS3 comes out, your not only saving like 500 bucks from just buying the player, your also getting a new gaming/computer system, that apparently wont be "downgraded" now. But we will just have to wait and see how all this dvd formatting turns out. Me personally, I will be getting a PS3 and then the HD DVD add-on for my 360, but I will use PS3/Blu-Ray for games, and then Xbox 360 and HD DVD for games + movies, seeing is how HD DVD movies are about 30 bucks. M$, should have put the HD DVD player inside the 360, that way there. they could make even better HD games, by using HD DVD discs to put them on. But thats ok, seeing is how PS3 did it, and ill be able to experience that.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3086d ago
I am happy they didn't because I wouldn't of been able to afford it at the time, I will probably get the attachment if it can display up to 1080I
jedicurt  +   3086d ago
$45 a movie
where did this information come from?????? i have heard it everywhere, blu-ray movies will be $45. wel then why does amazon have all of them for presale at $19.99?

for proof, go to and look for Blu-ray under dvd's. all but three were 19.99-20.99. Underworld Evolution, Ultraviolet, and Crash were $27.99

were did the $45 come from???
jedicurt  +   3086d ago
did some more looking
infact, it actually looks like blu-ray dvd's are cheaper than most hd-dvd's because most hd-dvd's are 24.99, with a few at 19.99

just thought i would point this out aswell
HyperBear  +   3086d ago
Yea, this is weird
Yea i did some more looking, at found that if you go to Future Shop or and type in Blu-Ray in the search thing, it comes up with the player and like 30 movies, but some are at 29.99, most of them are at 32.99, and a couple of them are at 46.99. but really, they should just make them all at one price.
jedicurt  +   3082d ago
so i guess it is a canadian site then if that is what the prices are
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3086d ago
does anyone here have a blu ray player??
XboxKing  +   3086d ago
I don't think you can buy one yet?
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3086d ago
then why launch movies?
who will buy them?
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Marriot VP  +   3086d ago
the mass market isn't gonna jump on either format for a while. The main market as a whole is just gonna stay with DVD. For atleast another 4 years I say it'll still be over half of the U.S. with DVD's.
The desire isn't there, and the high prices will go down but....the huge res. difference, compacted, and appeal isn't there.
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Patrick  +   3086d ago
Blu-ray will win, no doubt about it.
Blu-ray shouldnt have much a problem becoming the standard. The ONLY price difference is the players and thats only because toshiba made as cheap a player they could. Read the reviews, its slow and FULL of bugs and I mean full, not to mention they left out many of the capabilities common with dvd players of current. Like when you stop a movie halfway in and it resumes when you press play. Toshibas players dont do that, you have to start all over and skip forward to your spot. They left out stuff like that to make it cheap. And the remote doesnt even work good. You get what you pay for. Oh and the price of Blu-ray players will drop quickly, especially with the introduction of the PS3. Face it, The future is Blu!

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