Injustice 2's Cat Fight Achievement or Trophy is utter bullsh*t

Steve Wright of Stevivor explains why a single Achievement or Trophy in Injustice 2 is proving nearly impossible for fans to earn.

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Kupa368d ago

That's frustrating. There wasn't a ghost of a chance I'd plat this game, but I like to have the option available to me. Hopefully NR will address this, but I won't hold my breath.

dp277407368d ago

I'm two trophies away and it's this trophy and win a king of the hill match with Harley by using a certain move "double trouble"at the end. Iv'e put so much time into this game i'm literally level 109 overall

Kupa368d ago

One of the most frustrating things to me is near-impossible / unfair trophies. I don't want to be dramatic, but it ruins some of the fun of the game for me if I know it's virtually impossible to plat it.

Wyld-Woo368d ago

Dude, not far off ya platinum, just hold ur trait button all the way when they got less than 5% health left. I've played sum serious hours but how the hell did you get to that level?

rainslacker368d ago

I gave up on getting DOA5 plats for various versions because of the survival mode. Even after spending a ridiculous amount of time in online matches and not even getting those trophies, sometimes while boosting, the survival mode was just a pain. I think I gave up when I got to round 79 and lost. That was when I gave up on the games, and just boot it up to play once in a while when I feel like it.

dp277407367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

so how I got to that level.
I actually somehow after I got to about level 86 seemed something glitched and anytime i meter burned a move I got ten thousand xp and gold for one move and so i was racking up about 80,000 a match or up to 210,000 so I even asked Netherrealm if this should be happening and if they could help fix it which they did but they said they would have to reset my level for it to be fair except that since I contacted them and even told my guild what was happening as soon as I noticed they let me be. I have two PS4's do you think I could do the king of the hill and invite myself under another account like my wifes and get the trophy? Also i'm on PSN if you wanna add me i'm timjohnrob.

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NapalmSanctuary368d ago

This is why I don't sweat trophies. They'd be fun little diversions if some of them weren't so damn ridiculous to get.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler368d ago

but it gives you a reason to continue playing and put more effort into this challenge of getting it and that awesome feeling of finally getting it lol.

NapalmSanctuary368d ago

A game being engaging in a skill based gameplay sort of way is reason enough to keep playing. A trophy like this has nothing really to do with skill and its completely outside of the natural gameplay lane, skill based or otherwise, for anyone who doesn't main as Catwoman. Its a bad trophy requirement, plain and simple.

chris235368d ago

for about one hot minute andbthen the realization kicks in how many hours you just spent accomplishing nothing of substance *lol*

Klonoa-dreamtraveler368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

@chris235 thats like saying playing a game for hours is a waste of time cause when you finish it thats it... lol games involved challenges, obstacles, effort regardless if it involves a trophy or not and if everyone thought like that people would give up gaming just cause they might be stuck in a certain area of a game and decide not to continue cause they can't get through one obstacle in a game cause spending your time trying to figure it out or get through it is a waste of time to be doing that for hours just to in your words "accomplishing nothing of a substance"

Klonoa-dreamtraveler368d ago

well i mean i didn't mean skill so far as to specifically that but still takes effort to get it done i'm just saying it gives you more things to do to occupy you more on the game with more goals.

Movefasta1993368d ago

I stopped caring after getting the platform for demon souls and infamous 1 ,anybody who has chased the platinum for those games know how stupid and time wasting it is to get it because of the pure bladestone drop in demon souls and collecting all the light shards in infamous 1.they put off me chasing any kind of achievements for good

jerethdagryphon368d ago

Neither of those is that bad farm the black nights for pure bladestone and use a map for infamous

InTheZoneAC368d ago

a trophy should NEVER be based on rng for a paid dlc character, that's bs

NapalmSanctuary368d ago

Thats the worst offense here.

rainslacker368d ago

When they become work, and not fun, I think it ruins the game. The feeling of accomplishment isn't worth the time if one is not having fun doing it. I don't buy games to feel like I'm working, but to have fun. If I'm having fun, then I'll play for a long time trying to get some random hard trophy, and actually do like the feeling of accomplishment if I get it.

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Wyld-Woo368d ago

Got my platinum last week or so. Toughie for me was voting correctly in KOH, took me bloody ages. Is this really a problem? Wow!!! Would like to have seen a combo related trophy set. I suggest like will all fighting games put in the practice.

Wyld-Woo368d ago

Tip for getting this achievement : Save all ya money and don't buy any boxes. Use ya money for events in the muiltiverse that unlock a random ability and/or high level boxes. I got most my cool stuff from silver GUILD muiltiverse boxes.

ifrit_caress368d ago

Guys, just play the game and don't even worry about the trophies. What has a gamer done with a platinum trophy on a PlayStation game? Nothing...

P_Bomb368d ago

That's a dismissive blanket statement as it doesn't address the issue of what were they thinking.

The RNG in this game CAN be atrocious. That's an issue that affects non trophy hunters too, as the trophy in question is an ability/move. I've unlocked every Catwoman ability (including ones I didn't want) except cat call, the one in question. What are the odds lol?

Pop open a dozen diamond boxes getting squat for your mains, and then you'll feel our timesink pains ;p

ifrit_caress368d ago

You're right. Preferably I don't like RNG in any game unless it's a freemium game.

jerethdagryphon368d ago

Sto lock boxes are like this hundreds of quid for a .04 chance of a ship

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