AMD will showcase its upcoming RX Vega GPU to the public for the first time on July 18th

DSOGaming writes: "AMD has announced that it will let the public get its hands on its new RX Vega graphics card in Budapest on July 18th. As AMD noted, on Tuesday, July 18 from 2 to 7 PM, it will be transforming the Akvárium Klub into a PC gaming zone in which it will be bringing rigs powered by Radeon RX Vega with today’s most popular games for gamers to try."

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Asuka130d ago

can't wait. There is rumored to be 3 SKUs, so hopefully the cheaper of the 3 can deliver above a 1070 in performance at about the price of a 1070. im sitting here with a Freesync monitor waiting for a good price/performance AMD card for a long time. Was gonna hop on that RX 400/500 train...but not at the prices they currently are at. Miners will probably ignore Vega due to its high power draw (Vega FE being 400W) but we will see.

boomtube1987130d ago

AMD Vega is going to compete with a year old Nvidia GPU. Nvidia still havent released this years GPU. Nvidia is just going to dominate AMD.

Asuka130d ago

that may be true but i am not interested in Nvidia as of late (current owner of an gtx 970) as i have invested in the AMD ecosystem with the purchase of a Freesync monitor. Besides Vega, and Volta for that matter are stepping stones for both Nvidia and AMD as they move towards Multi-Chip Module (MCM) architecture. For AMD that would be Navi, and whatever Nvidia offers after Volta. Scalability is going to be the next big thing as both companies have shown concerns about packing more and more transistors into a ever shrinking die.