Bionik's Mantis for PlayStation VR is Coming August 1

Fresh from a reveal at E3, Bionik has released the price and release date for their new PSVR Mantis headset and it is very affordable.

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Neonridr345d ago

clearly inspired by the design of the Rift.

Outlawzz345d ago

Interesting. I'll buy it if it really has superior sound quality to warrant a $50 dollar accessory purchase

Garethvk345d ago

They showed them to us at E3 but was not able to try one on and hear it in action. But we will be looking at a review soon so hopefully.

thorstein345d ago

Yeah. I haven't really had a problem with my headset fitting over the VR one, so... while it is nice to have something that aesthetically matches PSVR, I am not sure I really need it.

Garethvk345d ago

I have used the earbuds ok and we have a Turtle Beach Stealth VR as well to use if needed. This does look interesting but we will see how comfy it is and how good the sound quality is.

Neonridr345d ago

I use my Golds with my PSVR. Works very well. Although the convenience of this style (I have a Rift with similar looking earphones) makes it super easy to use.