The Legend of Zelda Maker - Nintendo Money Maker?

"Do it Nintendo, make The Legend of Zelda Maker for Switch and 3DS
The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's most biggest franchises of all time and has one of the most devoted fanbases in the world." - MCXV

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Neonridr401d ago

even if they just built it around the NES / SNES assets and restricted it to a top-down experience I would buy it.

EddieNX 401d ago

That'd be so good with an option for modern visuals or retro!

LinkageAX401d ago

Didnt mario maker have something like that?

EddieNX 400d ago

Yes!!! People cant imagine a Zelda maker but are building cities on Minecraft 😆

Summons75400d ago

NES/SNES/3DS (ALBW) would be amazing. Whatever they did to build BOTW too would be awesome.

_-EDMIX-_400d ago


Mario Maker on Wii U had many Mario versions, so why not?

Would love the handheld Zelda models from Spirit Tracks and Link Between Worlds.

A 3D or top down version of a Zelda maker would be 100000% welcome!

Add in, Kirby Maker (DEAR GOD YES) we'd have like every level with Dino-Blade lol

Metroid Maker (2D and 3D)

They have a lot to work with, any of those would be easy day 1 buys.

Mario Maker on 3DS is my second most played game on 3DS right next to Animal Crossing and Bravely Default.

Neonridr400d ago

Metroid Maker would be amazing. Imagine being able to layout your own levels and placement of weapons / items.... drool!

iofhua400d ago

I imagine they could have tilesets for Zelda 1, Zelda 2, and Link to the Past at least. Maybe also from the gameboy games too.

I would love to make a Zelda 2 level or even a whole world. I played that a lot as a kid.

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shadowhaxor401d ago

I dunno. An RPG has a lot of moving parts and while it seems like a good Idea, it could ultimately be very complex for users. Take a look at the RPG makers on the PC.

Neonridr401d ago

Zelda is more of an action-adventure than an RPG. The older top-down style Zelda's had very little in terms of moving parts. Enemies with varying degrees of hitpoints really.

_-EDMIX-_400d ago


Zelda maker can be done.

Give level, make enemies, have pre-made classic puzzles ie "step on stone tie, open door, get off stone tile close door etc" lol

bosses (classics)

text box

give items


Its more workable then I think many realize. Watching so many speed runs and my friend practice as he holds the world record to several Zelda games, I've seen that Zelda in terms of structure isn't really undoable in parts, most games are made in parts.

Giving the elements to build the game level by level can work and isn't at all undoable.

LinkageAX401d ago

Zelda isnt an rpg in the traditional style, it's more action-adventure.

OokuChicken401d ago

Pretty much what the other posters said. It would be easier I think, you'd just have to tie doors to switches or items.

-Foxtrot400d ago

It could buuuuut a lot of the Pokemon fan games are better then something like Sun and Moon in my opinion

The Pokemon designs in Uranium blew most of the recent official Pokemon designs away

People can work with complex tools over time while those who can't will just do the basic stuff. It's better to include everything so it reaches more people and more creativity can happen

Segata400d ago

Eh could just have it as making dungeons.

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Segata400d ago

It would have to use RPG maker as a base.I don't know how well it would work compared to Mario Maker. Mario is easy as it's just a level. I guess Zelda could restrict it to just a dungeon.