Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Free Demo on PS4, Xbox One and PC with New Trailer

Mass Effect Andromeda had a bit of a rocky launch, but now Bioware invites gamers to try it for free.

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2pacalypsenow151d ago

Should of been released before the game launched

KillZallthebeast151d ago

nonsense then the game would of bombed

KillZallthebeast151d ago

1 million units in it's first week is hardly bombing. It sold less than its predecessors, but made more than enough money.

trumpwonstopcrying151d ago

yea but it sold well because of the brand name power of mass effect. if they release another mass effect people will be more cautious

UnHoly_One150d ago

I'm not going to be more cautious, the game was freaking amazing and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

A bunch of people with their panties in a twist because a few characters have wonky facial animations did not affect my opinion of the game.

I just don't get all the criticisms. People just went nuts over little stuff and hated on a perfectly good game.

I loved the story, loved the characters, and it felt just like a new Mass Effect should feel, getting to know all these great crewmates and forming bonds with them along the way.

Seriously, one of my favorite games of recent years.

Don't believe the hate if you haven't played it yourself.

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_-EDMIX-_151d ago

Yes, but at least it's getting a demo at all.

no_more_heroes151d ago

Is it worth giving it a go? I was excited for this until it came to light how shoddy it was. I still kinda want to give it a shot if it got fixed to enough of a degree, but has it really?

Mr-Dude151d ago

Try it, it is free... I have the full game. Although it isn't as good as the trilogy, I am enjoying myself

Cupofjoe151d ago

Come on y is it not? Cuz it's the first game of a series well was gonna be? Mass effect 1 u didn't know the crew was all new..this is exactly what I had in mind for next Gen mass effect

Razzer151d ago

I bought it 3 or 4 weeks ago for $30. No issues at all. Very good game.

Sam Fisher151d ago

For 30$, you juat said it. 60$ Hella no

Summons75151d ago

"No issues at all" haven't played it at all

Razzer151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Summons75, don't talk shit. Of course I have played it. Why would I be talking about this game if I hadn't played it? When was the last time you played it? Cuz there have a ton of patches since it launched.

UnHoly_One150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

I played it right after it got it's first patch and I never encountered a single crash or glitch that I can remember.

Played it start to finish twice. No issues.

Oh wait, I take that back, one time I couldn't get a door to open on my ship, but I reloaded and then it was fine.

That was once, in 150 or more hours.

Don't believe the bullmess about this game being full of glitches, it is not.

I was on Xbox One, FYI.

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Eonjay151d ago

So... It's not really Bioware, its mostly EA for forcing it.

_-EDMIX-_151d ago

I don't really know how to answer that to be honest.

I'm so busy with work that I just don't really have the time. I never got to complete breath of the Wild, I've yet to finish Yakuza 0, heck I've yet to even start Nier. Because everything has been hectic in regards to business I just haven't got the time and I thought had I had completed some of the games I purchased earlier this year I would have some time from Mass Effect.

I personally can't justify purchasing it right now with so many other games unfinished, but almost everyone on my friends list has recommended it and has told me it's actually still a very solid game.

I mean look at it this way if you buy it used for twenty bucks what's really the harm?

leoms151d ago

I am on my second playthrough. The game is very good. Play the demo and see what you think.

rainslacker151d ago

People seem to think the game play is alright. Most of the criticisms are from the animations and lack of depth to the characters. The actual game play seemed to get much less notice in the media and forums.

shabz6661150d ago

I finally finished it in 70hours. The game is infuriatingly stretched thin. It's a collection fest. Go there and grab that. Load times are insane and quests are on different planets making iit longer to finish. Characters are not that interesting either but that is subjective. I feel that this game doesn't deserve any attention given to it but it is still a mass effect and it's the only one we'll get. Buy this used and marked down. Coz paying full price for this thing is insane.

UnHoly_One150d ago

I have read that complaint before about quests making you hop around to different planets but I don't remember that ever being an issue.

I know it happens, but I'm the type to go to a location and do multiple different things there, then go to the next location and do the same.

I won't focus on one single side quest all the way to completion, jumping around to multiple locations in the process. If you play like that I could see where it would be annoying.

I'm like that in any game. "While I'm in the area, I'll do the next step of this quest as well...." My girlfriend sometimes is more OCD and has to stick with one quest until it is finished, but I'm slowly bringing her around by playing ESO together and jumping from quest to quest based on where we are. :)

babadivad150d ago

I bought it [pre-ordered], haven't played it yet other than creating my character. I was waiting until they updated the create a character with a more robust system. It seems they've done this, so I may finally start working on completing it.

All the powers seems like they were ported from ME3 multiplayer. No that means no soldier bullet time[unless this has changed since launch].

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cfc83151d ago

It's a good enough game. I'm glad i got it anyway. It doesn't have to be Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3 to be worth buying.

Travis3708151d ago

The demo says 43GB's I would rather just buy the game since it's $29.99 on PSN as of now.

Relientk77151d ago

The demo is 40 gigs...

What are they nuts

Bigpappy151d ago

It is not a demo. Its a free trail.

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