Destiny 2 Beta Is Now Available For PreLoad, Download Size Revealed

Destiny 2 beta is now apparently available to users and can be downloaded right now on PS4.

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Jakens282d ago

You can check out "The farm" social space on the last day of the beta for one hour. Set your clock.

WilliamSheridan282d ago

I'm curious is this will feel like a true sequel, or merely Destiny v1.5...

Relientk77282d ago

That's why I wanna play the beta

WilliamSheridan281d ago

I'm hoping there are enough changes to make it feel fresh. Otherwise I don't know if I can justify it not being an expansion.

Relientk77282d ago

Have the beta downloaded, now it's the waiting game until next week

Elwenil281d ago

Prepare for mediocrity!