Castlevania Netflix Review – Bloody, Stylish and Short | Fextralife

On July 7th, season one of the Castlevania Netflix series dropped, an animated take on one of the most iconic series of all time. With shoes such as these to fill, is it worth caring about the already promised second season?

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Simon_the_sorcerer316d ago

Sadly enough, I don't have Netflix :S

T1125P316d ago

You don't need Netflix. You can torrent the show in 1080p :D Every show on Netflix when it's released is uploaded in a matter of hours ^_^

Cy316d ago

I'm liking it so far, but it seems like an animated movie they chopped up into 5 episodes. I have no idea why they decided to make this a show.

Bobafret316d ago

I had to draw the line at the mutilated infant.