Microsoft announces its program for Gamescom 2017 set for 20th August

This year the Xbox team is pleased to participate in Gamescom in Cologne.

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Woolly_131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

It would be nice if they dropped a few surprises unexpectedly @ gamescom

XanderZane130d ago

I'm sure there will be some surprises announced.

notachance130d ago

pretty sure there's no conference scheduled for MS

Mr Pumblechook130d ago

There were no big surprises at E3 so I doubt there will be at the less important Gamescom - although I would like to hear news of a new Halo game.

XanderZane129d ago

Don't need to have a conference to announce surprises at GamesCom. They will do it during interviews and other sessions.

@Mr Pumblechook
OG XBox Backward Compatibility was a big surprise. So were games like Ori and the Willow of the Wisp, Code Vein & Super Lucky's Tale.

lxeasy130d ago

Glad there doing a live show my dream would be for them to announce Scalebound is back in production but I'm aware that's unlikely to happen.

Channel-Live130d ago

I was thinking the same thing Woolly. Please secure some AAA exclusives for the X1X. I am already glad that Battlefront 2 will be fully optimized for the console, but I want to see an exclusive game built the way the developers planned without compromising or downgrading. Every 3rd party developer said that X1X is a beast, so they need to unleash the beast with everything possible. I want to see why I am spending $500.

neolego130d ago

I'm super excited for GamesCom!

TheColbertinator130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Are they doing a conference?

Nvm no

RpgSama130d ago

And If they're not doing a conference in Germany, then that's it for the the rest of the year, they will not show anything on the TGS and they definitely don't have their own event like the PlayStation Experience or Nintendo Directs

Eldyraen130d ago

Video game awards (or whatever it was changed to). That's basically they're last showing of the year usually. Don't always do anything big there but sometimes we get an announcement from someone.

DarXyde130d ago

TGS would be pretty fruitless for Microsoft, but if they have something in the works with Mistwalker, it's probably a good idea for them to show it there.

Channel-Live130d ago

Microsoft has done a conference like PSX

mcstorm130d ago

I really hope we get to see the games they have shown off on the Xbox x to what they look like on the Xbox one. Im a massive forza fan but I want to see the difference between the one and X version before I decided to get the X on day one.

sd11130d ago

Same. I also want them to make their 4k trailers/videos viewable on xbox one s. At the moment they are not.

mcstorm129d ago

Really I thought they would of to show off 4k. For me I don't see the need to update just yet just because I dont have a 4k TV but if there is a big difference with 1080p ok X and Xbox one then I'll look to upgrade and get a TV 12 months after as I still love my Sony HD tv

sd11129d ago

Yeah i still have not seen the footage in 4k. My tv auto selects the resolution based on my internet speed. Plus as stated the xbox s doesn't show them in 4k. Youtube 4k on xbox does not work and ms does not have 4k trailers on the xbox, which is ridiculous.

mcstorm127d ago

Yeah that is a bit daft I'm sure they will add it

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