Sex in Video Games

Jarren: If you're wondering if we're against this, you'd be in the wrong. We just felt like writing about the more finer things in life to enjoy.

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Littil_Devil316d ago

There should be more sex imo.

Sunny_D315d ago

Is today Videogame sexual appreciation day or something? Already have 2 articles on the front page discussing sex or nudity in video games lol.

SolidGear3315d ago

One article says it's National Nude Day, lol

MunchMiller00315d ago

Nowhere near enough. Need more.

Limbrick315d ago

Tenderness, intimacy, SEX ? I am no prevert. I just want good wholesome zombie dismemberment and decapitation from buckshot at close range.

Many-hat5314d ago

Sex in video games? Cringeworthy! Pixel porn is so sad. Along with all the body dismorphic women with breasts the size of mountains and shapes that aren't naturally possible. Of course, if you're under thirty you probably disagree, but that's fine - just wait until you have kids, hopefully you will shift your opinion. However, I do think dev's should be more responsible in there portrayal of young women, and young men for that matter. There's already enough pressure on young people without even more totally unrealistic expectations of what they should be and look like. And saying it's just a video game doesn't cut it. If the rating of video games was actually enforceable, many things would change. Romance in video games and meaningful relationships, I'm all for BTW.