Discover the Creators: Yoko Taro’s Favorite PS4 Games

Yoko Taro: Hello, my name is YOKO TARO. I did things like direct a game called NieR: Automata. I was asked to give a list of PS4 games that I recommend along with my comment for each so I did just that below. And I was told to write “one to two lines per game” but ended up writing quite a bit. But oh well. It’s okay right? Here it goes.

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franwex313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

“how can a title like this come from a person like him?”
I laughed at that line, I have yet to try the Gravity Rush series, though ill make sure to check it out.
I agree with Yoko Taro' s observation about not enough middle games. I think Nier is a great middle game too!