The 3DS Family Consolidates by Killing off its Members

Nintendo has decided that the New Nintendo 3DS has outlived its usefulness. So it has halted all production in Japan. Why would they do this in the biggest mobile console gaming market in the world? Is the Switch really going to replace the 3DS? Did they just want to consolidate all the various handheld consoles they already had? Or maybe, just maybe, the New 3DS saw something it shouldn't have and the family decided to make sure they didn't get a chance to snitch.

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EddieNX 517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Theyre focusing production on the *takes breathe* New Nintendo 2ds XL and Switch. The new 2ds XL will be the last of the 3ds family and then Switch will faze it out as the new Handheld, confirmed by the fact that a new mainline Pokemon game is in development for Switch. in theory Japans entire handheld market ( 3ds family and Vita combined) will move to Switch.

XbladeTeddy516d ago

They won't. You don't understand how popular the 3DS is in Japan. They won't let it die for a few years yet.

MrSwankSinatra516d ago

If Nintendo can provide a switch that has longer lasting battery life, then there will be no reason to continue with the 3DS. The 3DS had it's run and now it's time for the Switch to live and prosper. Plus Nintendo is in a space where they can't justifiably support two separate systems. Them doing so has thinned out their resources, with them focusing on the switch they can't put as much support into as they want.

XbladeTeddy516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

The non-XL 3DS models in Japan never sold so makes sense to just keep the 3DS XL. This news means nothing so don't read into it. Only discontinuing the standard "New" 3DS.

edit: Example in April 2017 (one week sales numbers):

New 3DS – 1,114
New 3DS LL – 17,570

Difference is massive in sales in Japan.

danny818516d ago

Get ready for the Switch Mini... its cummmming!!!!!