Destiny 2 beta preload available today on PS4, Xbox One

Activision has confirmed that today, July 13, it will be possible to preload Destiny 2 beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The beta will start next week (July 18th on PS4) but from now on you will be able to benefit by downloading the application that will give access to the trial version.

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Relientk77190d ago

Thank you, the beta for the first Destiny took me overnight to download. Couldn't even play it day one

FITgamer189d ago

Downloading right now. Hope it's not disappointing.

Smitty2020190d ago

I totally forgot about this game will I get a beta key if I pre order it now? Or will my mate have a friend code I could use

Shin-Zantetsuken190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

There will also be public beta in few days on July 21. Everybody can play. The people who preorder just get early access on July 18. You can play it and then see if you want to buy it. However, keep in mind that the beta does not represents the actual game completely since it is missing several features like a progression/leveling system.

yomfweeee190d ago

Is there a way to do the preload for the public beta (July 21st)? I don't see it on the store anywhere.

Shin-Zantetsuken190d ago


It isnt available yet but will be today. I am not sure if people who havent preordered it can preload right now or have to download later. Once it becomes available for preload today, it will become clear.

Shin-Zantetsuken190d ago

WTF?? My comment has been marked as inappropriate!? Why???

jugo14189d ago

Like people have said before....the beta is essentially a finished product but yes it is missing some things....key word "SOME". Do you really think they are gonna drastically change the game from the beta to release. Your gonna get pretty much what you play in the beta. Remember the first destinys beta. Everyone said what you said and then were shocked when nothing more came from the full release. Im just saying.

indysurfn189d ago

ahhh I too needed that information thanks Shin-Zantetsuken. If I'm understanding it right you DON'T have to pre pray digital to play the demo. But the people that do pre-pay for the digital copy get three earlier 'perk' days for pre paying it digital. Correct?

Shin-Zantetsuken189d ago


Yes, you are correct. Preordering just gets you early access. Everybody can play from July 21 anyway. Just download it from the store and preload. It is on the front page of the website.

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GrimDragon190d ago

Locked and loaded! HMU on X1 GRIM DRAGUN.

Shin-Zantetsuken190d ago

Loaded?? Is it available for preload?? I cant find it anywhere!

GrimDragon190d ago

Sorry wrong choice of words. I meant Iam anxious to shoot cabal in the face.

indysurfn189d ago

I found it yesterday In the playstation store under the left column: 'FREE', then: 'EXPLORE'. I Did not see it anywhere else like yesteday. Today I see it ALSO under GAMES, then EXPLORE.

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LAWSON72190d ago

How does the preload work?

Allsystemgamer190d ago

You need a Beta key from preordering or wait until th 21 for open beta.

sergons190d ago

I have preordered the from psn but I didn't got any code. where can I get it?

vickers500190d ago

Same question as sergons. Will I receive a code in my psn inbox, do I check my library/purchased/download-lis t or is it just going to start downloading?

Allsystemgamer190d ago

It will be emailed to your associated account. They should be going out today so just be patient. If you don't receive a code then contact whoever you preordered from.

InTheZoneAC190d ago

Like anything that's about to be released, you can download the full thing then it'll unlock once that date is reached.

And nope I won't DL it because

LAWSON72190d ago

For those wondering how it works

Preorder on Amazon/GS
Get code for
Enter code
Click link to go to redeemed codes page
Pick platform and get code

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