Mass Effect Andromeda Quietly Drops Denuvo With The Latest Update

Bioware has removed the Denuvo anti tamper technology from it's recently released game Mass Effect Andromeda.

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R6ex344d ago

Nobody wanna pirate this crap anyway.

cleft5344d ago

It was cracked like day 1 anyways. It sold like garbage because it was a terrible game. Adding Denuvo too it was yet another reason to stay away from the game for a lot of folks. Publisher/developers need to learn that rather than treating consumers like thieves, they need to give consumers compelling reasons to buy your games.

People don't mind paying for things they think is worthwhile. ME:A problem was that ultimately it wasn't worthwhile. Make a compelling game and people will gladly buy the product.

No Way344d ago

It's been cracked anyway. But, at least some people might be able to try it and later buy for the multiplayer.

Sam Fisher344d ago

As your name implies, no way 👎

cleft5344d ago

Multiplayer is the only reason to buy this game. The story is horrible, the characters are laughable (and not in a good way), the world is under developed, the audio design is messed up, and the animations still arent great after how many patches. With that said, the combat is compelling and the mp is solid. At $20, it's a worthwhile purchase.

letsa_go344d ago

This is one game I wouldn't feel bad pirating, and then buying some time down the line when it is sub-$10.

letsa_go344d ago

What's your game so I know to pirate that one too?

clouds5344d ago

EA has solved privacy. You make the game so bad people don't even want to play it for free. GG WP!

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