Microsoft's VR Ambitions Are More Focused On PC Than Xbox Right Now

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One X back in 2016, when it was known as Project Scorpio, the company said the super-powerful console was VR-ready. Microsoft didn't announce any VR plans for the console at this year's E3, and it sounds like we might not learn more about this anytime soon.

Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft general manager Dave McCarthy said the company is purposefully focusing on PC right now for its VR and AR ambitions. Console will come later, it seems.

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freshslicepizza437d ago

VR looks to be in trouble. Apparently HTC is bleeding money which is why it's still very expensive for the Vive, Oculus just dropped their price dramatically and Sony with it's huge install only has a 2% attach ratio even with their aggresive marketing and exclusive deals. So it's no wonder Microsoft is taking a very cautious approach.

437d ago
robleroy437d ago

What attach ratio were you expecting with a €400 pricetag?

VR is here to stay.
Microsoft is just way too late to pitch in and join through xbox.
Microsoft owns not a lot of game companies .Sony does.
Above 220 current and upcomming games listed for psvr.
VR will slowly gain momentum because its very hard to market it. You cant sell VR experience through 2d advertisements.
And its a 10 times better experience enhancer than 4K or 60 fps, yet people are more sold on 4K...
Go figger..

freshslicepizza437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Yup, Sony owns a lot of studios which is why there is so many 1st party titles pushing the platform. /s

I never said VR is not here to stay. I actually was blown away by the Vive but let's be honest, the software did the most part sucks. It will take time to truly catch on and Microsoft will be ready. They will start on the PC and then slowly integrate into Xbox. It won't hurt them by waiting. After all the PSVR didn't even come in the PS4 until midcycle.

I did purchase Oculus but I might cancel my order. I have 2 weeks to decide.

Zeref437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Too late? lol it has literally not even begun. There is no clear market leader. No real standards or guidelines for devs. You cant just take a non vr game and expect it to be a good experience. That's why 90% of VR games are just straight up demos or very short experiences. Devs just don't really know how exactly games should work on it yet.

I am rooting for VR, I want every VR company to be successful but to say MS is too late is just crazy talk. Microsoft in my eyes has the best plan for VR, their Mixed Reality Platform, they have plans to make standards and well thought out guidelines for devs. They're not going to target only games. I think that strategy will not bring VR to the mainstream. They're making their headsets be viable replacements for a monitor. They actually think of VR as the next big thing in Computing(like the mouse and keyboard). Not just the next big thing for games. Whenever that plan comes to fruition, later this year when MR headsets are launching. I think they will be the market leader. They have a well thought out plan. What is Sony's plan? what is Oculus's plan? What is HTC's plan?(they are rumored to be working on a MR Headset as well) They don't seem to have plans beyond gaming. Except Oculus maybe. Gaming will not be the thing that will make VR mainstream.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen437d ago

Sony is only making enough headsets to meet demand. They aren't losing money on the device.

LOCO209436d ago

In-fact they stated they are making something on every single one sold and because they were never selling at a loss they are making something n-e way regardless.
Their risk into PSVR has already seen its reward more so than they even expected.

Also they have sold enough from this risk they took for them to keep looking into furthering the tech and actually doing something with that invested R&D money, you know investing in more stuff for us as gamers.
Which is good for everyone involved.

Plus All I have seen is more and more games announced for it ..

Just another missed opportunity from the XBOX camp at this point ,but hey at least they are finally starting to try with the X.