L.A. Noire Remaster Coming To Nintendo Switch?

A snippet from Episode 107 of the Gamerscore Whores podcast where we discuss the L.A. Noire Remaster coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and most surprisingly of all, Nintendo Switch.

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chris235345d ago

yikes. that was such an awful game. feeling sorry for all switchers.

PigPen345d ago

Don't feel sorry! I'm going to judge the game myself.

UltraNova345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

The perfect game to port on a Nintendo system, perfectly suited to their demographic...oh wait!

Seriously there are a ton other 3rd party games that are more suitable for the switch, why this one?

bouzebbal345d ago

This game aged so bad..
But switch owners would take anything right now, especially at full retail price. Just to prove that 3rd party support is real.
Why not GTA? RDR or something else from 2k?

Razzer345d ago, it wasn't. Still wondering if there is anything you do like.

Neonridr345d ago

but not XB1 or PS4 owners?

armchairDev344d ago

It's actually a pretty decent game, but unfortunately the switch cannot handle any remaster of it.

Segata344d ago

It's a very good game. Just a terrible scum who was in charge of the dev team.

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ibrake4naps345d ago

some of the best facial animations in gaming!

Rebel_Scum345d ago

Nah that title belongs to Mass Effect Andromeda.

EDIT: oh hang on you said facial. I read it as farcial.

FernDiggidy345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

You're so witty.......

Kun_ADR345d ago

What a great news. LA N. was a very great game and I can't wait to double dip if this is true. This is as close to GTA as we can get on the Switch.

deathtok345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Why do you say that? If there is an audience GTA is already a multi-platform game.

Kun_ADR345d ago

Why what is wrong with my excitement for game? The more platforms the game can come out the better. Its also give the Switch more games. Do people here have problem with that?

deathtok345d ago

@Kun_ADR or you could read my comment about GTA...

Thunder_G0d_Bane345d ago

GTA 5 runs on last gen consoles. So if Rockstar wanted to that can easily put it on the switch.

I completed gta 5 on my 360 has an absolute blast. The switch is more powerful than the 360.

Neonridr345d ago

yep, no excuse there. If the PS3/360 can run GTA V, no reason why the Switch can't.

deathtok345d ago

That was where I was going but OP got defensive about liking LAN, which for the record is a fine game. LOL

Summons75345d ago

That's uh, and interesting turn of events if it's true. The game isn't that great though so I don't know what a remaster for current gen systems is supposed to do.

TekoIie345d ago

I think it was a good game. Nothing amazing but I only did one play through so I may actually consider picking it up. Don't remember much of the story at all so it might feel fresh.

LOL_WUT345d ago

Yeah hopefully this the start of things to come ;)

Rebel_Scum345d ago

As much as I love this game I'd prefer they get to work on a "spiritual" sequel rather than a remaster. Would prefer to see how they improve the formula rather than up the graphics on an old game. Especially one that had its flaws.

Segata344d ago

Well the devs who made it no longer exist. So not expecting a sequel.

Rebel_Scum343d ago

lol, thanks for the 6 years old news bulletin about Team Bondi not existing anymore. Rockstar own the rights, so never say never, even if they don't own the motion capture tech.

Segata342d ago

EA owns the rights to Kingoms of Amalur but still never seeing a sequel to that either.

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