It Might Be Time to Start Worrying About Crackdown 3

AusGamers "Launching the same day as Microsoft's Xbox One X console, and as the only big same-day Microsoft Games Studios title for the system, the recently released uncut b-roll footage from the E3 trailer has us a little worried."

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Kingthrash360158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

People been worried since the beta was cancelled. Now that we've seen it in action, fears were confirmed.

Ghost_of_Tsushima158d ago

Here’s 10 minutes of free roam gameplay. Doesn’t looks that good at all to me. Very bland and repetitive.

158d ago
ninsigma158d ago

Thanks for that link. Hadn't see that. Looks ok but largey uninteresting. think this is one more for the poeple who liked the original. I didn't like the first at all so I know I won't like this one.

emty158d ago

Looks great...thanx for the cliplink.

badz149158d ago

it was submitted yesterday but failed because personal YT channels aren't allowed hereon N4G if I'm not mistaken. but it looks like Saints Row IV minus the cell-shaded. even the gameplay looks similar and I honestly think SrIV re-elected looks better than that.

bluefox755158d ago

It looks like it almost could have been a last gen game...

JaguarEvolved158d ago

Crack down 3 will be amazing on xbox one x being played in 4k. 4k makes a rubbish game better. /s

madforaday158d ago

I don't know too much about the previous games, but ten seconds into the game and the "hero" just blew up 15 cars killing 15+ civilians for reason at no cost of anything. I get it that it is an open world game based around destruction but you are supposed to be a hero and you are killing civilians at no cost to anything? I could be nitpicking but maybe I am use to Infamous where if you kill civilians it will make other people look at you differently.

LastCenturyRob158d ago

Have you ever played the first one?

Bathyj158d ago

Wow. I'm even less excited now. I didn't think that was possible. Gameplay looked bland, I hate the jumping. Dialogue and character was annoying AF. Bring the pain. Good grief. That's gonna get old quick.

And the one big draw card, the destruct was practically non existent. I kept waiting for stuff to blow up. Anything. Give me a crate even. Infamous had this beat in every way and that's so old now.

I did like the visuals though.

Sonic_Vs_Mario157d ago

Thx for the link, I'm a huge fan of cell shaded comic art style. Looks Awesome!!! definitely a day one purchase from me

darthv72157d ago

I liked the original so this one is very appealing to me. The second was okay, but this is like a reimagining of the first only way bigger. If it half as fun then I will certainly like it.

notachance157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

is it just me or the 'destruction' is pretty much non-existent in that video

and the action seems bland compared to borderlands

Skull521157d ago Show
Ashby_JC157d ago

As a huge fan of the first crackdown (second not so much) this footage is pretty bad. Bad in that it looks like the 360 version.

Barely any NPCS. Enemies just there to get shot.

I honestly thought someone was trolling and that was indeed 360 footage!!

trumpwonstopcrying157d ago

crackdown was never a good game. it only sold well cause the original came bundled with the halo 2 beta and then crackdown 2 with the halo 3 beta. It will sell well due to hype and people will be disappointed.

whats sad is this is supposed to be the first game that will show off the X1X. awful decision.

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UnHoly_One158d ago

I don't know who's "fears were confirmed". The game loooks exactly like a sequel to Crackdown. Exactly what I would expect it to look and play like.

And Crackdown fan will enjoy it.

Not saying it's going to be the greatest game ever, but I don't get all the doom and gloom. It's Crackdown. It looks like Crackdown. It will play like Crackdown. And it will likely sell like Crackdown.

Nothing more, nothing less.

andrewsquall158d ago

It looks like Crackdown from 10 and a half years ago? How is that a good thing?
And yet I bet you it won't sell anything like the original even though Crackdown 3 is releasing on a console with over twice the install base that 360 had in early 2007.

"Nothing more, nothing less." More like a lot less and that's it. How is that for obvious, clear as day, staring you in the face, gloom and doom?

Sircolby45158d ago

As @andrewsquall pointed out you are right...It looks like Crackdown. It looks almost exactly like the extremely old versions of Crackdown. That is the problem.

UnHoly_One158d ago

I didn't mean it looks like the same graphically. Come on people, are you really that ignorant?

I meant it looks the way a Crackdown game should.

Like saying uncharted 4 looks like uncharted.meanung a very similar game, a typical sequel.

Look, you guys can have your little circle jerk about how terrible the game is going to be, it's no skin off my ass.

morganfell157d ago

"Nothing more, nothing less."

No, it looks less. A lot less...

darthv72157d ago

If it's as fun as the first then sign me up. I think it fits the look and narrative of the crackdown series just fine.

ChronoJoe157d ago

I disagree. It doesn't look like it's evolved in any meaningful way. If it's not getting vastly better, or at least different with each iteration, then there's no reason to exist. Especially in a game like Crackdown, which doesn't tell a decent story or anything like that.

UnHoly_One157d ago

I'm sure if we had to slowly walk around and babysit a kid the whole game you guys would think it looks fun.

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YAO-BLING158d ago

It's gonna get canned, you heard it here first.

Sam Fisher157d ago

Nah its too late for that, they need to release it no matter what, or else they won't have anything to show the "beast" for. Dentures i tell you thats all this beast has

dirkdady157d ago

Man what in the world happen to this game? Looks different then what they showed before

rainslacker157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I seriously doubt that. Even if MS felt the need, I think that would be a PR disaster they just couldn't recover from. They're more likely to break a broken game that fails to live up to promises before cancelling this game.

It'd have to be complete trash before they'd even consider it, and for the most part, despite me thinking it looked somewhat pedestrian, it seems solid enough to at least get something half decent out of.

If anything, they would release the game, with the promised features for MP coming at a later date, something similar to DriveClub for instance.

But all those things above are worst case scenarios, and I think that the game is likely in some working form. How good that form is will be seen soon enough.

gamer7804157d ago

they should have stuck with fable legends and worked on scale bound.

Zeref157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I love how all the "fear" comes from the people who weren't going to (be able to) buy it anyway...PSfanboys

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LexHazard79158d ago

Definitely looks underwhelming and one I will wait for in the cheap bin at some big box retailer.

Razzer158d ago

I'm waiting for some legit reviews. I remember all the pre-release Horizon Zero Dawn bullshit articles yapping about horrible voice acting. Game turned out to be one of the best of the year among a lot of competition.

No use "worrying" about anything at this point.

UltraNova158d ago

Well who can argue with that^^

DaFeelz158d ago

@razz You dare offer rationality in this thread?!

4Sh0w158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Well I agree until I see more, Im not gonna doom it but seriously so far from what I saw at E3 or lack there of I am a bit worried and this has been a game I have been foaming at the mouth to play since it was announced.

Vaultdweller111157d ago

I totally agree. I will wait for release to decide whether to buy it or not. For the love of God, please give us Crackdown 1 and 2 backwards compatibility!

rivaldoo777157d ago

The voice acting was very mediocre. That is fact. Aloy portrays less to nothing in terms of emotion thanks to the terrible facial animation however the soundtrack was defo incredible.

Razzer157d ago


No, that is your opinion. Aloy isn't a very emotional character. I'm fine with that. She was believable and reserved.

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obidanshinobi158d ago

I was worried about this game...... until I saw some gameplay footage from E3 (people playing it not the crappy trailer they showed at the conference) now I'm excited for it, IT LOOKS AWESOME !!!!
What the flip is wrong with people ? If this was a PS4 or a Switch game people would be wanking themselves into a frenzy over it but because it's on the XB1 it needs to be looked at with negativity and doubt.
I hate what gaming has become this generation.
I loved the first Crackdown and this one looks true to the formula.

xsta1ker158d ago

@obidanshinobi don't read into these articles written buy sony authors as anything truthful
these are all opinion pieces that try to draw a negative shadow over anything Microsoft
puts out and are clearly biase.

obidanshinobi158d ago

Thanks for the reply, I was expecting a load of a-holes to tell me that I'm wrong.

158d ago
EatCrow158d ago

The only gamers that tell others to worry about games and a console exclusive at that are fanboys.

Nothing to worry about.

If this gen has taught me anything it's that most people's opinions are not in line with mine. Ryse, recore, quantum. All decent games and in some instances great games but severely downplayed. And then you get stuff like uncharted 4 or dragon age inquisition that get prasie like crazy... And in my opinion are mere shadows of their predecessors.

158d ago
Razzer158d ago

Most opinions are not in line with yours. 100% agree.

Rude-ro158d ago

Ummm they are the only games you can even have a choice to like or not.
It's not like you are getting tons of options outside of games that can be played anywhere.

EatCrow157d ago (Edited 157d ago )


Theres also the Order, sunset overdrive, ori, prey, beyond two souls (though last gen), many many other games. Relax

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audiocafe158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Nothing wrong with being excited for the game but when you say "if this were a PS4 or a Switch game" it makes you sound like a fanboy imo. Plus, it's already happened with PS4. People were pumped about The Order, then gameplay was shown and people started to worry about it before it even released. I'm sure you can find instances of it happening with Nintendo as well, maybe not the Switch in particular but Nintendo has had the same thing happen. If I'm not mistaken I think the latest starfox had people a bit worried before it released too... so no, I would say this isn't an issue of being negative about a game before it's released just because it's exclusive to one platform

obidanshinobi158d ago

"Nothing wrong with being excited for the game but when you say "if this were a PS4 or a Switch game" it makes you sound like a fanboy imo"

I do get where you're coming from with that line but I own both a PS4 and an XB1 along with a PS2, PS3 and 360, I've been a multi format gamer since the late 90's.
I'm not a fanboy it's just hard not to notice the bias, hate and FUD aimed towards the XB1 this generation, unfairly IMO.
Of course Sony fanboys will say there is/was no bias because that said bias suits their train of thought, the current narrative of doubting XB1 exclusives is music to their ears so why question it ?

andrewsquall158d ago

We all got bad feels about about The Order 1886 after that January 2014 game play. Shame the developers never listened to the feedback and that is what we got. Still bought it though and never bought Bloodborne as I am more into a linear story/action based game.

audiocafe158d ago


Again, you claim there's a narrative doubting XB1 exclusives but it hasn't been exclusively happening to the XB this generation. I named an example of it happening on PS4 and Wii U (an example for the Switch is a bit more difficult since it's still a new system) and I'm sure there are more. The examples I gave are just the ones that immediately come to mind. I just find it strange that you think it's XB specific.

Also, owning multiple platforms doesn't suddenly mean someone doesn't prefer one over the other, sometimes in an obsessive and unhealthy way.

rainslacker157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

ARMS has gotten some negative, "Im worried about this" or "This looks terrible" type comments or media attention. I actually know a couple people who want to play it though.


It seems your observations are based on FUD though, as I showed above, there are a lot of PS excclusives which get little attention, whereas the bigger games do tend to get a lot of attention, and for quite a few games, there was good reason to be hyped for them.

You seem to only see what you want to see, whereas I wonder why some of the exclusives on PS4 aren't getting more attention.

If CD3 was a PS game, it'd probably go unmentioned most of the time. 4 years into the gen, and you get what looks like a cross gen port from the OGXbox days with great draw distances, and integral animation and motion designs which are antiquated, and Cell shading which is really flat and looks like a Unity game engine project from some kid doing their final game project for their associates degree in game design.

The game may be fantastic fun, and that's worth getting excited for, but the game doesn't really look all that great, and I don't see why people are hyping it up to the level they are, and why most people are asking what MS problem is with showing the cloud tech that they promised 3-1/2 years ago working in the game itself, particularly since MS has had a hard time living up to their own hype this gen.

in reference to your cuphead comment below, I actually see a lot of PS fans who seem to be interested in that game. It's one of the few games on X1 that doesn't seem to get hated on much. Most negative thing about it is the PS fan boy who said they'd get it on PC.

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Z501158d ago

"but because it's on the XB1 it needs to be looked at with negativity and doubt"
So, explain the "negativity and doubt" surrounding Sunset Overdrive & Cuphead.

obidanshinobi158d ago

Never heard of the phrase "Sunset Overhype"? is was bounded around a lot back when the game was revealed and released, plus the usual "I'll get it when it comes to PC" remarks.
As for Cuphead I've can't recall much negativity around it so far, but its not been released yet, give it time I sure the hate will flow once it's released :D

158d ago
obidanshinobi158d ago


"Sounds like you know a lot about a-holes."

Well I have been frequenting N4G regularly.

158d ago
BlacKJesu5158d ago

This game looks corny no matter the system...just doesn't hold my interest

andrewsquall158d ago

@obidanshinobi Bloodborne is a GOTY, critically acclaimed, PS4 exclusive and I do not care for it at all. I never got around to Demon Souls or Dark Souls and Bloodborne just doesn't interest me. Just because it's a PS4 exclusive does not change anything.

Now that that's out of the way, why do YOU guys always always come up with the same old hilarious excuses? Your petty excuse about it being an Xbox game and that being the reason it gets so much grief is something I hate about gaming this generation lol.

obidanshinobi158d ago

Hi Andrew

I've been tempted to get Bloodbourne though I usually play half way through the Souls games then move onto something else.

"Now that that's out of the way, why do YOU guys always always come up with the same old hilarious excuses?" who do you mean by "YOU guys" exactly ? I'm a multi format gamer thanks, no allegiances with any console brand. Doesn't mean I can't notice when certain upcoming Xbox One games get unfair negative press, especially when said journalists hasn't even played the game.
Two negative Crackdown 3 articles posted on the same day, both by well known clickbait sites, Forbes especially, I would consider that as "grief" especially as there are no counter articles from people who might have actually played the game and are looking forward to it.
One could argue that N4G is steering the narrative that Crackdown 3 will be a disappointment by posting these articles, again, with no counter opinion. Yet all the feedback from people that have played the game has been positive from what I've seen on Youtube and Twitch videos.

How are you anyway ? I see you're no longer on Eurogamer, they didn't ban you did they ?

danoman64158d ago

Xbox fanboys only call media bias because they don't like what people are saying about MS. Many people will not easily forget what MS tried to do to gamers at the start of this gen. It's because of Sony MS had no choice but to do a 180 on almost everything. I didn't see Xbox fanboys call media bias last gen when Sony was getting attacked by the media, was there a week or month that we did get an article about how Sony should just give up, or all is lost? I didn't see Xbox fanboys call media bias when the order 1886, drive club, knack, and killzone were getting destroyed by the media, I didn't see any Xbox fanboys cry media when Sony was getting hate for No man sky, a game they don't even own. I especially don't remember seeing any Xbox fanboys call media bias when HMCC a game that was released with bugs, glitches and broken online for months getting 9s and 10s all over. You only see media bias when your favorite system is being called out, not when the other system is

andrewsquall152d ago

@obidanshinobi Lol yes. Too much bringing up their awful review of Horizon Zero Dawn apparently, a review that pretty much scores Horizon the same as Mass Effect Andromeda. THAT is how broken their system is.
I just hope their website doesn't die a horrible death like everything else gaming related that I jump ship from. :)

SinisterKieran158d ago

people need to stop saying stuff like " If this was a PS4 or a Switch game people would be wanking themselves into a frenzy over it" because its not true in most cases and its just what fanboys say to "win" an argument.
i'm still excited for crackdown 3 but it is basically crackdown 1.
max levels are the same and everything.

KickSpinFilter157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I call Bullshit! When the The Order 1886 came out everyone said it was garbage by just looking at videos. It' came out and guess what it was kinda garbage. Had some of the worst A.I. I've seen in a game, felt like a mid 90's game. Crackdown 3, most are getting the same kinda vibe. Personally I have no problem with CD3 art style a actually like it very much. But seeing the game play and it in action, it really does not look that good. Before the game play was excited about it, now not so much, but I'll wait and see what we get.

Rude-ro158d ago

If it were a PS4 exclusive, PlayStation's fans would be excited... because it would actually look like a next gen game..,
Not a remaster of the original.
If it were on the switch... it would be understood since it would explain the cheap looking game...
If it were on the Xbox one... people would be saying "what about this cloud computing?!".
If it is on the Xbox one x... people will laugh that they are paying $499 to play this at its best.

rainslacker157d ago

You do know there are PS exclusives that PS fans don't wank themselves over for. Not all PS exclusives are amazing masterpieces worthy of high praise or over hype.

Hot Shots golf would be a recent example. Lot of PS fans like the series, but no one is going on at length about it, and I'd wager that some don't even know that the new one just released in Japan, and will be coming in August to the west.

Ys Origin passed under the radar despite a good fan base for the series. Dangonranpa is getting almost no attention. MLB the show, despite being a great series, no one ever really talks about, and gets little media attention. Drawn to Death is pretty much dead in the water despite being free on PS+. Wipeout Omega barely got any attention in the forums. Lots of other smaller and mid-tier games don't get mentions. And the list I provided was just from this year.

So, where is the notion that PS fans go crazy over every exclusive coming from? Most PS exclusives do not get the kind of attention that CD3 is getting, and for the most part, if a PS exclusive looked like CD3, and had no selling point like cloud destruction, probably wouldn't really be much of a talking point.

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Elda158d ago

Looks like Borderlands graphics.

158d ago
UnHoly_One158d ago

Looks like Crackdown graphics. They've always had that cel-shaded look.

158d ago
Elda158d ago

Well to me it looks like Borderland graphics.

Raiden153d ago

CRACKDOWN was made and released before borderlands was even in development.