The Crew PS4 Pro vs The Crew 2 E3 2017 Early Graphics Comparison

During E3 Show the very first gameplay of The Crew 2 has been revealed showing really nice improvement in terms of vehicles and content in regard to the original. Let’s also check how the graphics looks compared to the first The Crew in this early comparison.

First thing that can be noted are much better reflections and lightning effects in the upcoming title. Have you spot anything else?

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Eonjay195d ago

It looks insanely better.

Ghost_of_Tsushima194d ago

I think it looks pretty much the same but I’m watching on my phone so I’ll hold judgement.

armchairDev194d ago

Uh, are we watching the same video? Looks the same..

NiteX194d ago

The Crew 2 definitely looks far better. But the first game always looked like a last gen game anyway.

OoglyBoogly194d ago

The first game also got a pretty decent graphics overhaul with one of the DLC/expansion thingies. It looked worse than it did here for a good bit after release. Still a pretty good looking scale is amazing.

Definitely interested in the second. Sure, the first isn't something I play all the time but I certainly got my moneys worth. Now it has planes? Yeah, I'm down.

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