A Few Ways The Atari Box Can Avoid Being a Failure

It won’t be a new 2600, but it can avoid being a new Jaguar

By focusing on a few crucial aspects, the Atari Box can be a moderate success, with strong emphasis on the word “moderate.” The company will never be able to threaten Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft in terms of sales, but if they focus their efforts on delivering a smaller but competent niche console, they might make a few bucks out of it. Here are some ways the Atari Box could avoid being yet another Jaguar for the company:

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lptmg70d ago

NOT re-releasing Alone in the Dark Illumination, for starters...

PhoenixUp70d ago

Atari could barely remain a competent third party publisher in recent times. I doubt they have what it takes to be a significant player in the hardware market.

Joel_Drake270d ago

Honestly this is probably true. I'm really interested in seeing what they do in order to try and be competitive.

lptmg70d ago

oh the good old Budokai and Matrix Path of Neo days...

FinalFantasyFanatic69d ago

TBH, I don't think there is enough room in the market for another console like the PS4/Xone/Switch.

FallenAngel198470d ago

"Differently from Microsoft’s Xbox, Atari has actually managed to be a bit successful in Japan once."

When did this ever happen?

Klonoa-dreamtraveler70d ago

has anyone seen this on their instagram? seems like there is two styles being considered.

ImGumbyDammit70d ago

Sorry, but completely fake. Ataribox is in no way connected to Atari.

IHassounah69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

You do know the CEO of the company confirmed it, right?

link2Dpast69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

What the hell Sega. It's either the top of the board is cheap as hell and don't wanna go for a system or statistically there's really no market for them in the home console market. The fact that Xbox and Sony are literally mirror images of themselves in many ways, having something similar to the route Nintendo takes would definitely be a breathe of fresh air. They've got the assets to be successful, shenmue, sonic, and even a whole new power stone can definitely move systems unlike the likes of Xbox which have nothing and are still here

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The story is too old to be commented.