The Legacy of Metal Gear, 30 Years Later

It has been 30 years since Hideo Kojima released Metal Gear and redefined gaming forever.

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FallenAngel1984286d ago

Konami doesn't seem to care much for the 30th anniversary of Metal Gear or Castlevania

stanr286d ago

I hate to agree but that is the sad truth, at least we the fans could honor its legacy.

OhReginald285d ago (Edited 285d ago )

konami please sell your franchises to Sony and Nintendo.

Sony should get castlevania, zone of the enders, silent hill, suikoden, and metal gear
Nintendo should get Contra, bomberman, adventure island, and gradius

Gardenia284d ago

If they'd sell MGS to Sony, Kojima would have it back since he works with Sony now

_-EDMIX-_284d ago

lol i know right!

Bomberman Hero is still BEAST!

Klonoa-dreamtraveler285d ago

and Konami destroyed it one of the most defining gaming series in gaming. metal gear solid on ps1 were doing things i never seen done before at that time in gaming and with such a deep and complex genius clever emotional story telling and fun sense of humor they kept through out the series. when a metal gear solid game was coming out it was always a must buy. now it's just a empty shell for konami to make into anything they want to some action zombie like game to gambling machines but i'm glad i was part of the adventure and it was a great gaming experience.

Wish sony would some how buy the rights for it.