Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nazer on the ambitious vision that could change esports

With city-based teams fostering local support, Overwatch League could be the future of pro gaming.

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Derceto40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"the ambitious vision that could change esports"


slate9140d ago

Not a believer in "e-sports"?

PapaBop40d ago

Well the last I heard, there were a lot of teams/people reluctant to commit to the project because of the high costs of buying in and other teams initially in were backing out. Unless something has changed between then and now, sounds like a bunch of hot air to me.

notachance40d ago

and they still need to design observer view that works.. unlike CS:GO Overwatch is too chaotic to watch in live, first-person view, and top-down view is somewhat hindered by closed halls and rooms

MunchMiller0040d ago

Good god. "esports" can't die fast enough.