Destiny 2 reported to sell 3 million units on the PC in its first 3 months

SuperData has issued a press release, claiming that by analyzing historical data and their proprietary analytics-based metric system, Destiny 2 will sell 3 million units on the PC in its first 3 months. As such, SuperData expects Destiny 2 to become the best-selling premium PC game since Overwatch.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane286d ago

Seems a bit high.

But I'm getting it on my PC 1080p 144fps!

I'll play the ps4 beta next week but no way in hell will i be playing it on the PS4 come launch i'll wait for the PC release.

freshslicepizza286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Seems pretty accurate to me, maybe up to 5 million but 3 million seems fair.

InTheZoneAC286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

I'll be playing 4k 144fps...and will own all the pc players playing pvp at 35fps

badz149286d ago

man...Activision-Blizzard sure knows how to reel in these PC gamers

freshslicepizza286d ago

How, by offering an unlocked frame rate and no online fees? Your comment should be the other way around, Activision sure knows how to reel in console gamers!

badz149286d ago

nah...console gamers are already around their fingers since CoD4. there's no need to beat the dead horse on that anymore. no need to get offended by what I said earlier. what I meant was they sure know how to attract gamers even when the previous game was blasted by many PC gamers. not only for not being on PC but down to every single flaw it had. so much hate for a game they have not played. Many PC gamers even hating on CoD every year and that's nothing new. still...even with ALL THAT, they are expecting Destiny to sell best on PC.

Personally I have only bought 2 Activision games since 2007. CoD4 that year and the N'Sane trilogy this year. I am not buying their CoD and probably not Destiny too.

so good day, sir

freshslicepizza286d ago

If a game interests me I will buy it. I don't generalize and hate ever Ubisoft or EA game because I don't like the company. It's all about me.

Sam Fisher286d ago

Then everyone woke up 😒

kevnb286d ago

are they talking retail? It could be, it was cheapest to preorder retail during e3.

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The story is too old to be commented.