'I hope people complain about how much story we have,' says Destiny 2 director

'That'd be the Reddit thread I'd like to read: Too much damn story!'

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EatCrow284d ago

Another red flag that the game could very well be as bad as the first regarding story...
Its not about the amount of "story" but the quality of it that people will complain about.

Skull521282d ago

It's too bad the first game was bad enough that I'm not going to try the second. Bungie's talent clearly moved over to 343 industries. Current Bungie is not the great studio any more that produced the fantastic Halo universe.

Sam Fisher282d ago

Yeap, i feel half of that problem was due to making the engine (especially cross gen) and activision, but i was going to get this eventually untill ea announced their destiny. Rather take a chance on a new title then going back to this and expecting the hurt. Btw fuck the cryptarc. Hope he rotted in the ambush of the cabal.

slate91282d ago

Eh, I wouldn't say all of that Skull521. I feel like they made a well polished and well made game. But the story was clearly lacking and repeating strikes/missions was a grindfest. I feel like they could fix that with a few tweaks and get it where it needs to be. The raw game is there at least. Now just add a great story to follow.

stevej336282d ago

The first game had its issues but it was far from "bad".

Shin-Zantetsuken282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Damn... this franchise gets so much hate... I guess it is not for everyone but there are millions that love it. It is one of top Twitch streams and there are several Youtube channels dedicated to Destiny. The gunplay is awesome and the loot system keeps people playing for their perfect gear and dream gun. The classes are varied and very fun to play. Both PvP and PvE are still very active. The soundtrack is just beautiful and gets my blood pumping during boss fights. It is just that the story was all put in the Grimoire cards which is bad storytelling. The story great and there are numerous Youtube channels dedicated to the lore and story. Now Bungie claims they are fixing that and putting story in the game including the lore. No more grimoire cards so that is an improvement.

Many people hate the franchise but I and millions others have been playing since launch. It is just so much fun to use different classes to do strikes or play PvP daily. All the while trying to learn using different weapon types and searching for your perfect dream gun for each type. It is very engrossing.

BiggerBoss282d ago

Considering how Halo 5 turned out, I wouldn't say much talent went over to 343...

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kevnb282d ago

there are many gamers that want as little story as possible, many people complain about too much story in mmos.

EatCrow282d ago

If the story is good and awesome then no gamer will complain. If it feels out of place or like it shouldn't be there it just indicates that it's the wrong kind of story and if it's not entertaining then it's just bad story. With most mmos the story of side quests, of which there are many, is normally terrible and uninteresting... Bad story.

D3TH_D33LR282d ago

Lol you guys will see whatever you guys want to see. It's obvious people here just want the game to fail.

Dragonscale281d ago

So true. Theres still a lot of fanatx butthurt that bungie left ms lol.

yomfweeee282d ago

How is having a lot of story any indication that the story will be bad? You're saying it is a red flag because they said there will be a lot of story.... kind of ridiculous.

EatCrow282d ago

Go play an mmo and do all those sidequests....sound fun?
Dont be ridiculous.

yomfweeee282d ago

You're the one being ridiculous jumping to conclusions and now comparing it to an MMO.

Tru_Blu281d ago

Story sucked in 1 but the gunplay was excellent imo.

EatCrow281d ago

Completely agree about the gunplay.

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Eonjay283d ago

Someone will always have something to complain about. It's is some people's soul to be insulted. They can't survive unless they think everything is always stacked agonist them. They are the same type of people that don't understand why they are fat. It's your fault they are fat and you have to agree with them.

Sam Fisher282d ago

Lmfao that fat part was funny left field, but you are correct 100%, i used to be one of those guys and the moment i started losing weight, yo all my hate disappeared 👻.

lptmg283d ago

well, what if the story is shit

D3TH_D33LR281d ago

Time will tell but taken king grimoires told some of the best sci fi stories. Always said they just need to find a way to present it better and it'll be one of the better sci fi universes out there

Relientk77282d ago

I don't even have time to explain why I don't even have time to explain. There's too much story.

Destiny 1, the opposite lol

Sam Fisher282d ago

😂 lmao, hope this doesn't backfire on them

Jakens282d ago

D2 will sell big numbers, I'm not worried.

InTheZoneAC282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

It looks like I'm going to be playing battlefront 1/2 a lot if bungie refuses to address dedicated servers PvP along with 60fps

As for D2 story content, it better not be like those clickbait sites that have one picture and a few words for every page, but there's dozens of pages to go through

D3TH_D33LR281d ago

How can you liken a game's story content to website clickbait? Is every "page" a game level? Is each picture a setting and words the story? What a lame comparison

InTheZoneAC281d ago

how can you not understand my point? Some sites have an article broken up into several links, meaning is D2's story content going to be full of quality or will it be false hope and thinly spread over the entire game?

D3TH_D33LR281d ago

Because it sucked? How can it be thinly spread out if they just said the game is exploding with story?

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