The Last and Most Hidden Secret of Dark Souls III

Dark Souls is a deep and complex series filled with lore and theories. But what is the real truth of Miyazaki's masterpieces? Joseph at GameSpew explores.

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UltraNova316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Damn... I had the Goosebumps all the way to the end of the article...JOSEPH SALE knows how to write...

This is one of the best realised theories on DS I have read so far.

As for the series its self, my favourite series from last and the current gen, what can I say? For a game with no apparent story it is so deep and full of lore and long history that its simply mindbending.

Miyazaki San you are a goddamn genius sir, may you live a long long life making masterpieces like the soulsborne series.

Damn I cant believe DS is over...

PS: Food for thought: what if Bloodborne was the painting that was painted using Gael's Blood soaked Dark Soul we optained by killing him? The final painting??

Think about it, Blood echoes, no deteriotating humanity...a more present and permanent setting and era with no decay..

Damn I hope they make BB 2!

galmi316d ago

"Damn I hope they make BB 2!"

hope so too

frostypants316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Given the relative coherence of its world, if Bloodborne is part of this, I'd almost put it at the "top"...the painting closest to the "real world". Remember the events of that game are largely the result of being in a fever-dream (or so we're led to believe), which means its world could be close to normal. I'd say a better candidate for a "final painting" is Demon's Souls. It has the most fractured where you can only visit its multiple disparate and disconnected locations via portals. It's like the Dark Souls realms, cranked up to 11 in weirdness and brokenness.

PurpHerbison316d ago

The best part about souls games are always the "What ifs".

New-Breed316d ago

I have never played any of the games to completion, but I found this article extremely interesting. It makes me want to give the series a more serious try.

Alexander1Nevermind316d ago

I was that way for quite a while (never completed a souls game). Then I played Bloodborrne and I beat the game without summoning any help. After that I said I have to go back and beat Dark Souls I & II before III comes out. Now the only one I haven't beat is Demon's Souls and unless its re-released on the PS4 or PC then I probably never will (bc I gave my PS3 to my wife's brother).

Nacho_Z316d ago

I've played and beaten all of From's games since Demon's Souls and I still don't really understand what's going on. I quite like the idea of being a warrior who is constantly willingly diving into hell and climbing back out afterwards having conquered it, without having spent time dwelling on what it all means.

UltraNova316d ago

Yet there is so much meaning and history to be found within these worlds, should you decide to look, read and understand them...

Nacho_Z316d ago

Very true, I'm not as much of a pleb as it might sound, I read item descriptions and look things up online that interest me. Fascinating games. I just often have a feeling that I don't really understand exactly what's going on.

UltraNova316d ago

Totally understandable, there are a couple great YouTube channels that have some really good content on the soulsborne universe, one of then is mentioned in the article that do a great job at explaining or at least theorize on the series lore/history. You should totally check them out and I'm fairly certain that you will see the games in a whole new perspective

Fist4achin316d ago

It's actually the box cover art for HL 3... Confirmed!

bumbleforce316d ago

I really liked this. Ds has such a good story that's told though environment as well as characters. Metroid prime did the same thing. Told a story though objects.

jerethdagryphon316d ago

It is concievable and would make se sense everything points to it. Could blood borne be the final painting. Hence the wakeing ending and leaving the nightmare

frostypants316d ago

Or it's the nightmare that inspired the first painting (Dark Souls).

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